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2013 in Review

BJ’s absolute shining moment of 2013 was walking unaided surprising everyone with his steadiness and determination.

I used to feel a little melancholy at this time of year.  It seemed as though with each passing year I was acutely aware of how far we were from the “normal” milestones.   It made me want to stop time so BJ could catch up to other kids his age.

This year I am so proud of how far we have all come.  Although we are still years off those pesky milestones,  BJ has made such amazing gains over the year I don’t feel like the clock is ticking and I have to beat it. We are apparently just going at his pace.  An important lesson learnt by me.

BJ’s absolute shining moment of 2013 was walking unaided surprising everyone with his steadiness and determination.


Our latest joy is his iPad and his ability to swipe through his photos and videos.

These are the ‘big’ achievements of the year but there have been many little ones.  Each one has given us new motivation and momentum to move on to the next skill he needs to master. It also gives BJ a great boost and sense of pride as he shows off his achievements.

Being able to ring our front door bell seems such a little thing to most but BJ was delighted both by making it ring and by our excitement at him doing it.


Driving and manoeuvring his electric wheelchair was a dangerous process in years gone by but this year BJ showed that with determination and persistence he could do it and whizzed up our hallway without touching a single wall.


We had some lovely holidays which gave us all the opportunity to try new things.  BJ soared through the air at the Tahune Airwalk (in Tasmania) via cable hang glider.  He was keen but it was difficult watching him swinging across the river. The pure joy on his face as he zipped back to land was priceless.


BJ and AJ continue to be close and our travels this year have given them experiences to share that will remain fond memories for life.  A special needs Dolphin experience at Sea World on the Gold Coast was just one of those experiences.


I’m excited to see what the New Year brings.  BJ moves into a new phase of his life leaving school behind. There is obvious trepidation but my hope is that many new opportunities arise out of this move.

If BJ conquers his insomnia we will all be a happy family next year and that will be an enormous achievement in itself.  Imagine, a full night’s sleep every night.

We look forward to more travels and sharing our experiences with all our facebook friends.  One of the highlights of 2013 has been hearing your stories and ‘meeting’ you.  It has been a joy.


So, from our family to yours we wish you a Happy New Year and we sincerely hope that it brings good health, happiness and success with your personal goals.


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