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About this website


“Surely we can’t be the first people to do this?” I kept asking our travel agent, the airline and our therapists. We certainly are not the first family with a disabled child to travel to America but at times it felt that way.

That was when the idea for this website came to me. Why not share all my research and great discoveries with others who are either, planning a trip, or are feeling nervous about giving it a go?

Planning and research gave us a fantastic holiday and some unique experiences. It also made sure that we made the most of our time and that we didn’t spend valuable time on holiday working things out.

At first this site was just going to be about travelling to the USA, but then I started to think about people travelling to Australia that may benefit from some of our experiences locally. It may be useful to those travelling from interstate or even help Sydneysiders discover a new spot to have fun as a family.

I believe in living life positively so this is about positive experiences. There are of course always going to be places that are harder or not possible to go with a wheelchair but this website is about encouraging people to explore the possible.

I hope that you will get out there and give it a go!


14 thoughts on “About this website”

  1. This is such an amazing tool for parents. We have traveled but only by car up to this point. Our son is 4 with CP. I think we will attempt to fly next year to visit Disneyland and I am so thankful I read your reviews!
    Thank You!

    • Thanks Stephanie. Travelling by car is a great starter. We did that many times before we attempted flying. It gave us a good idea of what we would need, what was essential and what we needed in hotel accommodation for a successful vacation. Disneyland is amazing. You’ll all be swept up in the magic. Take care and thanks for popping in. Julie

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  3. I stumbled across this website while researching access on Fitzroy Island for people with disabilities. I don’t have a family member with a disability but I just wanted to write to say this is such a fabulous initiative on your part. Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow! I konw this blog through my task.

    Thank your positve Energy.

    Have a good trips and make good memorys with your family!

    I hope God bless you and your family.

  5. Thank you.

    Your blog was very impressive to me!.

    Thank your positve Energy and precious travel story.

    Sydney Bondai beach’ photo is especially a lovely scene.

    I’m work for travel company in korea. I try to make a goog barrier free travel. thank you!

  6. I came across your website and wanted to tell you how inspirational this is. Wishing you the best in continuing with this initiative.


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