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Accessibility at 2022 True Colours Festival Concert (with Katy Perry!)

Amelia and I always say, if there is one singer that we would love to take Braeden to meet, it’s Katy Perry. The sheer spectacle of her performance would have him dazzled. Plus, when we watched the documentary on her, we loved the way she interacted with the various people doing the meet and greets. She seems so genuine and inclusive. It might be a while until Braeden can meet Katy in person, but in the meantime there’s a pretty awesome inclusive event in Tokyo. And while we’re not packing our bags, sadly, there is a way to be involved.

Accessibility at 2022 True Colours Festival Concert

On 19 and 20 November 2022, the True Colors Festival concert in Tokyo will bring together an international line-up of diverse singers, dancers, and musicians from around the world–including the fabulous Katy Perry.

Katy Perry on stage performing

They’ve gone above and beyond to ensure inclusivity for the concert event, in line with their mission to show what’s possible when it comes to disability and diversity. The concert will have sign language interpreters (for both Japanese Sign and International Sign), real-time subtitles and audio description, and dedicated personnel on site for guests who need assistance.

Plus, for those of us who want to take part from home, it will be livestreamed for free as part of the True Colors Festival’s commitment to accessibility. Their website has been optimised to make it as inclusive as possible ahead of the event (compatibility with screen readers and switch control software, different pathways to necessary information using assistive technologies, and close vetting of all digital content to ensure accessibility). 

Although Katy Perry is the headline act, the two-hour True Colors concert will feature over 90 performers all up. Our very own Tony Dee, the Australian face and voice of the highly successful “We’re the Superhumans” video from the 2016 Paralympics, will be in the spotlight. 

Tony Dee - Australian Performer

The international collaborative dance troupe ILL-Abilities are also sure to be a stand-out. They’ve chosen their name to reflect the hip-hop usage of the word “ill” (meaning incredible), reflecting the way they can flip our perceptions of disability. Attendees will get to see just how “sick” their choreography can be!

From their announcement: “TCF THE CONCERT 2022 is presented by The Nippon Foundation (TNF), which has long supported the rights of people with disabilities by working to create an inclusive society which empowers people of all abilities to live their lives with dignity and pursue their dreams… TNF is presenting the True Colors Festival with the recognition that real inclusion of those with disabilities cannot be achieved until everyone in society adopts an ‘inclusive mindset’ about each other; and understands that this is a larger social issue rather than an issue centered around disability.”

It’s great to see major events like concerts making their performances more inclusive for all. Katy Perry, and other artists who have gone the extra mile like Coldplay (did you see our story about their inclusive world tour in Travel Without Limits?), are showing everyone what’s possible. 

If you’re going to be in or near Tokyo in November, this concert sounds like a must-do, but it’s sure to be just as wonderful streamed online for free. You can find out more information here:

True Colors Festival Concert 2022 Announcement


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