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Recently BJ was gifted a pair of jeans from EveryHuman, a business which work with brands who have made subtle adjustments to mainstream fashion. They’ve often replaced buttons with magnetic closures, created one-handed zippers on shoes, designed AFO friendly shoes & clothing for the seated position.

The jeans are my introduction to the business and it’s wonderful to find a range of adaptive clothing for at home and travel which is stylish and practical.

Adaptive clothing for at home and travel - Every Human - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

One of the unexpected difficulties we’ve had over the years is finding easy to wear clothing, particularly as BJ grew out of the children’s section in stores. Once he needed clothes in the teen, and now men’s section it took me a lot longer to shop for him. I was looking for cool, age-appropriate clothing but wanted to avoid buttons and zippers on pants. Zippers and buttons make assisting him in the bathroom all the more difficult and time consuming.  As a result, when I find a pair of pants that work for him, I tend to buy multiple pairs of the one style. In fact, when we found ourselves in isolation, I had to send Melisa, the lady doing our shopping, out to buy 5 pair of shorts from a store. The shorts have an elastic waist, are the right length and are durable enough to last through BJ’s bottom shuffling (for a while anyway, nothing withstands the constant wear and tear of our active guy). It’s one of the many things I didn’t realise would be a ‘thing’ when BJ was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Adaptive clothing for home and travel - Every Human - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

With winter fast approaching it won’t be long before we are putting the shorts away and looking for long pants, so the arrival of the jeans was well timed.

Adaptive Clothing for home and travel - Every Human - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

I’m all about comfort when it comes to clothing for myself, and with BJ being so active I’m pleased to see the jeans are both smart looking, but also comfy for walking and for sitting in his wheelchair.

Adaptive clothing for home and travel - Every Human - Have Wheelchair Will TravelBeing a dark denim they are great for casual and for dressier occasions which I appreciate. Most of the events BJ goes to are not formal, so a smart pair of jeans and a good shirt fulfils the dress code.

Adaptive clothing for home and travel - Every Human - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

I’m a big fan of products and services which are developed by people with lived experience, because who knows the challenges better than those people? EveryHuman’s clothes are designed by people with lived experience in the challenges of finding, using and loving adaptive clothing.

Although EveryHuman is not yet an NDIS Approved Provider, they do offer two ways NDIS participants can place an order if self or plan managed. Take a look at their website for more information.  The clothing and footwear is designed with subtle modifications that makes the dressing process easier. This means you may be able to purchase your products through your low cost assistive technology support budget.

As I mentioned earlier, BJ was gifted the jeans but having tried them, we love the quality, style and comfort the elastic waist offers. Not having a button and zipper to grapple with makes it so much easier for all of us. We would definitely purchase this product.

You can see the full range on the EveryHuman website.



  1. I’ve become my own clothes designer, so I can have clothes that fit and suit my unique shape and height (I have Pseudoachondroplasia, and am 135 cm), and that also reflect my style. It all started in India in 1991, where I discovered the joys of glorious fabrics and cheap talloring. Since then it’s been Bali where I can continue my wardrobe creativity at an affordable price.


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