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Our wedding anniversary used to be all about Hubby and I but now it tends to get overshadowed by AJ’s birthday celebrations. When I was pregnant with AJ I went to the doctor on our wedding anniversary and he said “See you at the next appointment, baby isn’t coming soon.” In view of the fact that I probably had another week to go, Hubby and I went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. It was a Monday night and all the local restaurants were closed. We finally found one and by then my appetite was huge. I ate dinner and even though I was feeling on the fullish side after the main course I decided to indulge in dessert. We arrived home, got into bed and as Hubby leaned over to turn off the light and I felt my waters break. Clearly dessert was the tipping point. We had to call my parents back to look after a sleeping BJ and it was off to hospital for us.

Nothing happened overnight – Hubby snored and I lay awake with the contractions. It was mid-afternoon the next day when Miss AJ made her appearance. And what joy she has brought to our whole family.

Adding AJ to the family
AJ not long home from hospital and out on a picnic

My Mum often says to me that the best thing we ever did for BJ was to give him AJ as a sister. I’ve said many times that they adore each other and that hasn’t changed. I wondered if as AJ got older she wouldn’t be as tolerant or if she’d be less enamored but they are as tight as ever. That doesn’t mean that BJ doesn’t invade her space at times but they are two peas in a pod more often than not.

Adding AJ to our family
A mutual admiration

So, as AJ has another birthday this weekend I can’t help but celebrate that we have such a wonderful daughter. The years seem to be going by quicker and quicker, a sure sign I’m turning into an old lady saying things like that. I want to stop time, rewind and have my little toddler pal with dimpled hands keeping me company. Not that I don’t  love having my gorgeous teenage girl by my side, I’d just like to relive some of those moments from years gone by.

Adding AJ to our family
The troublesome twosome
Adding AJ to our family
Always snuggled up together
Adding AJ to our family
Happy having adventures together
Adding AJ to our family
Enjoying another adventure

Unbelievably we are celebrating her 14th birthday. We couldn’t be prouder of the person she has become and look forward to watching her follow her dreams.

Adding AJ to our family
AJ and BJ hamming it up

Hubby and I had an early celebration for our anniversary this week. For the record, I skipped dessert!

Now, let the weekend birthday celebrations begin.


4 thoughts on “ADDING AJ TO OUR FAMILY”

  1. Happy 14th birthday to AJ –
    Your story reminds me when I had my son – my daughter was five at the time but he made a great difference to her life – perhaps I should have had another half dozen x


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