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It can’t be underestimated how uncomfortable a flight can be for a person with a disability if they can’t get comfortable. The following will help;

Take a portable dvd player with back up battery. Planes do have great entertainment systems in them but they can break down. A back up never hurts and can be useful for long waits at airports and for long car trips. Delays when travelling happen regularly!

Take some snacks and a drink. Food service on planes takes a while to come around so it is always good to have something on stand by. Particularly if you board a late flight, kids often are so tired they want to get off to sleep before the food service comes around. If they are a fussy eater have something you know they will eat if they don’t like the airline food. The kids meals aren’t really that kid like (in my opinion!).

Take small pillows or extra padding if seating is an issue.

If funds are available consider travelling premium economy for the extra room.  We have known families that have flown the person with the disability and one carer this way just because of the confined nature of economy seating.  It isn’t cheap but it is a matter of weighing up what is going to be the best way to travel for you (if finances allow of course)

Make sure the kids know how long the flight will be ahead of time and remind them of the reward at the other end.



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