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Anyone that’s been following our page for a while will know that BJ loves any sort of motor activities. In planning our trip to Hamilton Island I spied ATV tours and immediately put that on the list of must-do activities knowing he’d love it. As soon as BJ saw the vehicles he was raring to go. The ATV tour was our first activity on Hamilton Island and it was a great way to get our bearings and appreciate the size of the island. Hamilton Island is a National Park with only 30% of the island developed.

ATV Tour - Hamilton Island
BJ ready for the ATV tour

We arrived at the ATV Tour shed and met our tour guides Jordan and Jason. They impressed us with their can-do attitude. Nothing was a problem to them, including strapping BJ’s wheelchair into the back of the lead ATV.

ATV Tour - Hamilton Island
BJ’s wheelchair ready to tour

We watched a video on safety and how to operate the ATVs then it was time to do a round on the confidence course before we headed off on the tour. BJ wasn’t keen on wearing the hair net, helmet and goggles but cooperated when he realised it wasn’t negotiable.

ATV Tour - Hamilton Island
The boys on tour

We were the only ones on the tour that day so we just had four vehicles, the boys (Hubby and BJ in one), the girls (AJ and I) and a vehicle leading us and one following us to ensure everyone’s safety.

ATV Tour - Hamilton Island
The girls giving the confidence course a whirl

After the confidence course trial, I felt at home in the ATV and happily kept pace with Jordan who was leading the tour.

ATV Tour - Hamilton Island
One of the views from a lookout on the ATV Tour

During the tour, there are three stops to enjoy the views at the various look-outs. I had anticipated that BJ would stay in the vehicle but Jason and Jordan happily lifted the wheelchair out of the lead ATV at each stop to make sure he didn’t miss out.

ATV Tour - Hamilton Island
BJ & AJ at a lookout on tour

We met people along the way who were doing the walks to the lookouts and judging by their out of breath conversations, we definitely took the easy route with the ATVs.

ATV Tour - Hamilton Island
BJ and AJ at Coral Cove, a beach stop on our ATV Tour

Along the way the guys shared information about Hamilton Island’s development, the surrounding islands and happily included and chatted to AJ when she asked about a certain pop singer who may have stayed at Qualia when on tour in Australia.

ATV Tour - Hamilton Island
ATV Touring

BJ had a smile from ear to ear for the whole trip. He absolutely loved every minute and the only consolation when it was over was that he got to swap the ATV for a golf buggy for the rest of the day.

ATV Tour - Hamilton Island
A different view of Hamilton Island resort on the ATV Tour

The ATV tour on Hamilton Island is definitely an activity for the whole family. It allowed us to see areas of the island we wouldn’t have been able to access without the ATV. You do need to be able to transfer from a wheelchair to the ATV. If transferring throughout the tour is too difficult you can remain in the vehicle. You would still have a view at one of the lookouts and at the beach stop, Coral Cove.

ATV Tour - Hamilton Island
Sightseeing on the ATV Tour

Some age restrictions apply so please check the Hamilton Island website here for details.

Our ATV Tour was provided by Hamilton Island for the purposes of sharing the details with our audience. We had so much fun on this tour it’s an absolute pleasure to share.







4 thoughts on “ATV TOUR – HAMILTON ISLAND”

  1. Thanks so much this and your other posts about the island. I’m w/c bound [but luckily I can transfer to] & I briefly considereda holiday there as the views are truly spectacular, but when I asked a friend/carer who had been there recently,she told me it wouldn’t be suitable at all. How wrong was she! It’s definitely back on my bucket list.

    I love reading about w/c suitable sights & activities.
    Keep up the brilliant info Julie, it’s really really appreciated.

    Wishing you an amazing 2017!


    Jen 🙂

    PS: What are the tyres on BJ’s wheelchair?

    • Hi Jen,

      I’m so glad we’ve opened your eyes to opportunities. I have lots more to write about Hamilton. It certainly won’t suit everyone but if you can transfer from your wheelchair I think you’ll find lots to do.

      I wrote in detail about BJ’s wheelchair tyres here – and here - They’ve definitely been a big help in our travels as we can go places the regular tyres won’t take us. We swap them over just for travel or adventures.

      Thanks for your kind wishes and all the best to you in 2017. I hope you get to Hamilton Island.


  2. Hi Julie! I’m planning to visit whitsundays and your blog is helping me a lot! Thank you for that!
    I was wondering if I can do all Hamilton’s island activities without being a guest of the island. I’m planning to stay in Airlie and visit Hamilton and Whitsundays. Do you know if I’ll be able to get/rent the beach wheelchair as you did? Can you provide some contact here? I did not find any direct e-mail in the website you gave. Best and keep updating us!

    • Hi Vanessa

      I’d give Hamilton Island a call and speak to their beach sports team. They have hire rates up for the different equipment for day trippers so I can’t see why not. I guess it would be on a first come first served basis.

      Enjoy, it’s such a beautiful area.



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