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Today we have a special guest blog from a young reader with a great sense of humour. Jaxon is sharing his story of his wheelchair accessible holiday in Bali. I’m often asked about Bali and it’s wonderful to be able to share this insightful review from one of our families.

Hi, my name is Jaxon and I’m 11 years old and have Muscular Dystrophy, and rely on my electric wheelchair to get me from A to B.

I thought I would share with you my recent experience travelling from Sydney, Australia, to Bali, Indonesia.

We flew with Garuda Airlines, it’s around a 6 hour flight to Bali from Sydney. I transfer into a manual wheelchair provided by the airport and my electric wheelchair goes into Baggage along with our luggage. We took a beach chair over for me to use too which will go to a Bali company (Villa G at Ellora) for others to use in the future, so that went along to baggage as well.

My Mum and Dad transferred me from the manual wheelchair into aisle plane wheelchair to then transfer me into the plane seat. The Staff were willing to help, but I prefer my Mum and Dad to do it.

I did well on the plane, lots of movies, but definitely no sleeping. We arrived in Bali, and to my shock the Transport Guy my Mum had been given by a friend, didn’t have a wheelchair Van after all, and wanted to put my 180kg Wheelchair on his van roof with an Ocky strap. Needless to stay thankfully this didn’t happen and 5 Balinese men lifted my chair into a Milk Truck, and we knew from this moment “let’s use  “Bali Access Travel” again”, that have a converted wheelchair van for the rest of the trip.

We arrived at our resort “Legian Beach Resort”, I had been here 4 years ago for my Cousins Wedding, but I forgot how beautiful it was. The whole resort has ramps and I loved buzzing about and checking it all out. We had a disabled room for the whole family, it wasn’t huge but enough for me to get around and the bathroom was perfect. We could get a shower/toilet commode from Bali Access Travel too, which helps.

We were only having just over a week in Bali with our extended family to celebrate my Mum’s and her twins 40th, so I couldn’t wait to see the rest of our family, and try out the beach chair on the beach (Legian Beach) directly in front of our resort.

We waited till the next day, as we were quite tired from travelling, and being in the beach chair with all my family around the next day was amazing, and there was a beautiful sunset too, which was even better. The ladies at “Bayu’s Bar” that we met 4 years ago still remembered me, and after my dip in the beach, I had a Bali foot massage for $5 Australian off one of the older ladies on the beach, I was feeling very relaxed and ready for my holiday.

Our week was a whirlwind of great times, from swimming in the resort pool, to hanging at the Beach Bar, to listening to people sing at Restaurants, to experiencing a Balinese Traditional night of Food, fire and dancing, to shopping, and best of all having Breakfast with the Orangutan’s, it was truly one of the best holidays I’ve had. We even went to meet the people we were dropping the Beach wheelchair off too at Sanur and they had the best Disabled only Resort (Villa G at Ellora), that I hope we stay at next time now we know where it is.

Bali - wheelchair accessible holiday
Villa G Pool Hoist

They have a pool hoist, hoists, commodes and you can even get a carer if Mum and Dad want to go out. It would be our very own private place if we hired all three rooms. The Owners were so lovely and helpful, I hope we go back there again, Sanur was beautiful the water was very blue, and from what I saw it looked a little easier to get around the streets with my wheelchair too.

Before, I go I have to tell you a story about my experience at Bali Zoo, which by the way was accessible but the ramps at the entry were a little hairy but doable, so let’s go:-

People are having photos with the orangutans one by one, when our number gets called up for the photographs. The photographer set us up in certain positions and got the Orangutan on my wheelchair! May I say that he loved my chair. Climbing all around my chair made the star of the show. Firstly, the orangutan started kissing the headrest of my wheelchair. Then, it started to PEE on my wheelchair. You heard that right, PEE. And that’s why I now call orangutans “urinatatans”.

Hope you enjoyed my little story, if you are like me and want to know if you can travel to places only in your Electric Chair, and not a manual chair it is doable. I struggle being in a manual chair cause I like having control of where I go, and I like just buzzing about in general. The streets of Legian where we were at, wasn’t always perfectly accessible but the motorists and shop keepers on the road are always helpful to help you get to your destination, and we always worked it out in the end, with no drama.

Here is a little list of what we have done that was great for me to do in my Electric Chair.

·       Bali Safari

·       Bali Zoo

·       Beach Strip from Legian to Seminyak

·       The Our Bar

·       Uncle Norm’s Bar

·       The Y Bar

·       Water Bomb Park

We have these supposed accessible attraction’s to do on our next Visit (hopefully soon):-

·       Elephant Safari Park

·       Monkey Forest

·       Butterfly Park

·       Lake Batur & Kintamani volcano

·       Ubud, rice fields, museums, and historical beauty



Jaxon Taylor

Thanks Jaxon, it was great to have you as a guest blogger. I hope you’ll share your future travels with us.

If anyone else has Bali tips, we’d love to hear them.



  1. Thank you Jaxon, that was so well written. I wish I had your way with words! Perhaps journalism’s your thing. I have not been to Bali, not likely now at my age, but you have painted a good word picture for me. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks so much Jaxon for your info
    I have been wanting to travel to Bali with my daughter( who is in a wheelchair ) for ages but didn’t know how we would go
    Will definitely look into the places you have mentioned and will get to holiday there soon

    • Hi, thankyou so much for sharing your holiday experience staying at the Legian Beach hotel. I am looking to book a wheelchair friendly room in this hotel. Could you please advise if the room has an outdoor patio sitting area and has it got a pleasant feel….garden view, quiet away from street and neighborhood night clubs…etc. Any advice or room pictures would be greatly appreciated. Kindest regards Lee x

      • Hi Lee, is does have a patio and garden view and very quiet away from nightclubs and night life, it’s a short distance to get restaurants and beach but a very pleasant and peaceful feel within the resort. We are here again now, so can send Julie some room pictures if you like?

        • Hi Jason i will like to know which hotel you stay in legain and the surrounding of the hotel is it easily access for wheelchair user?

          • Hi Samantha, we are staying at Legian Beach Resort again, the hotel is all wheelchair accessible but the surrounds of the hotel can be a little tricky at times to access. There are a few great restaurants and pubs just outside the hotel that are easy to access, but in some streets we travel on the road a little to access shops etc but motorist are very accommodating. We stayed in Sanur for two days this time and I found it more accessible in the streets especially near the beach, I could wheel along the path that ran along side the beach and access some really nice restaurants. I’m in an electric chair though, so if you’re travelling with a manual chair, you wouldn’t have much problem accessing the streets of Legian.

  3. Hi my Jaxon! You have described our holiday very well. I love your nickname for the Orangutans! A perfect play on words 👍🏻.
    For me & Pop it was the best holiday we’ve ever had. Thank you for your company and humour. Lots of love, Grandma & Poppy

  4. HiJaxon Great review of accessible Bali! Thanks for sharing your experience, it gives me the confidence to take my daughter who also uses a PWC for mobility.

  5. Thank you for this blog – what a great summary of the options in Bali. I have a 7 year old son who has congenital muscular dystrophy and uses an electric wheelchair. we have travelled to Bali 3 times with our son and always stayed in Sanur, as there are quite a few accessible hotels and a great beach path which runs for over 5 kms along the beach. In sanur we have stayed at and would recommend the Mercure Hotel and Villas – La Bali and Kejora.
    We are just planning a trip this time staying at Legain and Kumala Pantai which advertises it has accessible rooms.
    Keep up the travels Jaxon

  6. Hi Jaxon. Thank you for your well=written review. I am searching for somewhere to go for a holiday from New Zealand. I am 83 years old and need disability rooms etc. I was really pleased to know that Bali holiday is manageable for me and a cousin. Thank you. Keep travelling well. Love to you and your family.


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