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Usually I’m reviewing a hotel or an attraction, and within the review I share information about the bathroom facilities available. Today’s review is just about the best accessible toilet facilities available in Sydney. I hope this information will assist visitors to Sydney and those who live in the suburbs and are putting off going to the city for fear the facilities will not meet their needs.


Since having the website I’ve heard disturbing stories of people not being able to go out because of their need for a hoisted facility and adult-size change table. I hate the thought of something as simple as a suitable bathroom holding people back from exploring a city or travelling. This has an affect on the whole family and certainly limits their experiences.



Westfield Sydney used to be the only location of a Changing Places accessible facility in the centre of the city but I’m happy to say since I first wrote this blog a couple of others have been built. For anyone shopping or sightseeing in the heart of the city the Westfield bathroom is handy and is equipped with an adult change table and hoist which is remote controlled and height adjustable. It has an adjustable neck support and has a weight capacity of 200kgs.

The accessible bathroom facility is located on level 2 of Westfield Sydney. You can enter the Westfield Sydney from Pitt Street Mall or Westfield Sydney Valet from 135 King Street.


Australian Museum Changing Places Bathroom - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

The Australian Museum has the newest Changing Places bathroom facility in Sydney. It’s wonderful to think that visitors to the museum, who need a hoisted bathroom facility, or an adult-sized change table, now have the ability to access these facilities without leaving the museum.  It’s also available to anyone visiting the city who needs to pop in and use the facilities.

The Australian Museum is located at 1 William Street, Sydney.


A Changing Places facility is located in NSW Parliament House. While it is open to the general public, be aware that security needs to be cleared before entering so it’s a bit of a time consuming process. Let’s just say, you wouldn’t want to be in a hurry. It can be accessed Monday to Friday, during opening hours 9am to 5pm.
Location Details: Parliament of New South Wales, 6 Macquarie Street, Sydney
Level 6, next to the Education Centre, access via lift adjacent to front reception. Access to level 6 via the ramp at front of Macquarie Street forecourt. Ask security or parliamentary staff for assistance


ICC Darling Harbour bathroom facility

This is the only hoisted facility with adult-size change table in the Darling Harbour area.The adult change table and hoist is remote controlled and height adjustable. The bathroom is huge with grab rails throughout, a back-rest on the toilet and lever taps.

Location ICC Building, 14 Darling Drive, Sydney



Although there are accessible stand-alone unisex accessible toilets at the ferry terminal, they are MLAK key locked and not large inside. Just across from the ferry terminal at Gateway Sydney there are large, clean facilities. Even one of our lovely support workers commented on the difference.

Head into the food court area and signs clearly direct you to the accessible facilities on the ground level. If that is closed for cleaning, head up to the first floor for an equally good accessible bathroom. These bathrooms don’t have hoisted facilities but the Gateway Sydney bathrooms are the largest in the Circular Quay and Rocks area.

Gateway Sydney, Alfred Street, Circular Quay


Although the bathrooms above are the largest and best equipped for high support needs, there are many attractions in Sydney where you’ll find good accessible facilities. The accessible toilets below get an honourable mention for having a stand-alone unisex bathroom, good cleanliness and for their spaciousness.


You can walk freely around many areas of the Opera House even if you are not seeing a show. I’m not suggesting you pop in just to use the bathrooms but should you find yourself needing a bathroom when in the area, the Sydney Opera House has excellent stand-alone unisex bathrooms on several levels.

The Sydney Opera House also offers an accessible behind the scenes tour which covers the history of the Opera House and it’s construction. You can read our review of the tour here.


It’s free to enter The Museum of Contemporary Art (apart from specific ticketed exhibitions) and they also have good sized stand-alone unisex accessible bathrooms should you find yourself needing one.

We are also big fans of the MCA’s Bella Plus Connect program which is free and runs with the motto “Art is for everyone”. Check out this great program here.

Location – 140 George Street, The Rocks


The Australian National Maritime Museum has always been a popular day out for our family. Much of the museum has free entry and I’m happy to report they have great accessible stand-alone unisex bathrooms.

Location- 2 Murray Street, Pyrmont


There’s a growing list of Changing Places bathroom facilities in shopping centres, parks, venues and shopping centres in Sydney’s suburbs. You can find the full list on the Changing Places Australia website but here’s some of the ones I’ve spotted in our travels. Not all are Changing Places specific but have many of the facilities you’d expect to find in a Changing Places accessible bathroom.

Keep in mind, true Changing Places Bathrooms require a MLAK key. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend you get one from a Master Locksmith.

Taronga Zoo Changing Places bathroom - Have Wheelchair Will Travel
Changing Places bathroom Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo now has a Changing Places Bathroom which needs a MLAK key. It’s located behind the giraffes near the lift.

Gunyama Park Aquatic Centre – 17 Zetland Ave, Zetland

Collaroy Beach Changing Places Facility

Northern Beaches Council, Pittwater Rd, Collaroy – needs a MLAK key.

Changing Places bathroom Manly Dam - Have Wheelchair Will Travel
Changing Places bathroom Manly Dam

Manly Dam has a Changing Places Bathroom which needs a MLAK key.

Hornsby Aquatic Centre, 203 Peats Ferry Rd, Hornsby.

Bankstown City Gardens Changing Places bathroom
Bankstown City Gardens

Bankstown City Gardens Changing Places Bathroom, Ross & Restwell Sts, Bankstown.

Carlingford Court Changing Places style bathroom - Have Wheelchair Will Travel
Carlingford Court bathroom facilities

Carlingford Court Shopping Centre Pennant Hills Road, Carlingford – unlocked bathroom. Located between Bakers Delight and the Priceline Pharmacy.

Changing Places Westmead Kids Hosptial - Have Wheelchair Will Travel
Westmead Childrens Hospital Changing Places bathroom

Children’s Hospital Westmead has a Changing Places Bathroom which requires a swipe pass to access. The pass can be obtained from Security, Enquiries, Outpatients Front Desk, Orthopaedic Clinic and the Physio Clinic on Level Two (entry level), from Bear Bite and Social Work on Level One and Kids Rehab on Level Three.

Macarthur Square Shopping Centre - Changing Places Bathroom - Have Wheelchair Will Travel
Image provided by Richelle – Macarthur Square Shopping Centre

Bankwest Stadium at Parramatta has a Changing Places bathroom located near Gate C. Thanks to Susan from our Accessible Sydney Facebook group for advising, ” it’s available at all times from outside the stadium (with a MLAK key) – great for visiting Parramatta Park.”

Ollie Webb Changing Places style bathroom facility - accessible Sydney toilets - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Ollie Webb Playground in Parramatta is a wonderful playground and it has a Changing Places style of bathroom which is unlocked during daylight hours. You can read our review of the playground and see more images of the bathroom here.

Macarthur Square Shopping Centre, Level 3, close to the lift at Food Court end. Entry via MLAK key (thanks to Richelle for photo and information). Bathroom has hoist and adult-sized change table.

Carss Park has a cafe, playground and an accessible bathroom with toilet, rails, shower with bench, adult-sized change table and hoist according to Amy from our Accessible Sydney Facebook group.
Westpoint Changing Places facility - Have Wheelchair Will Travel
Thanks to Chloe for the Westpoint Blacktown bathroom image
Westpoint Shopping Centre Blacktown  has two Changing Places, one located on Level 1 near food court area and the other located on Level 3. Both Changing Places are open during centre operating hours with no MLAK key required.
Curry Reserve in Camden has a Changing Places Bathroom which compliments its accessible water park facilities. You can read our review of the water park here. 24 Camden Valley Way, Elderslie  MLAK key required.
Dawson-Damler Park at Oran Park has a Changing Places bathroom which compliments its accessible water park and playground facilities. You can read our review of this park here.MLAK key required.
Echo Point Changing Facility, Cliff Drive, Echo Point (Blue Mountains, near The Three Sisters) – MLAK key required to access.

If you are visiting Brisbane, I’ve listed the best accessible bathrooms, including Brisbane Domestic Airport, in a review here.

Tell us about any other bathrooms you think should make our Best Accessible Toilet Facilities in Sydney list. We’re happy to spread the word and help people to get out and about.



  1. I’m glad to see such positive remarks about accesible toilet facilities in and around the Sydney area. As a disability worker, I too am always looking out for suitable places where people may respond to,their calls of,nature.

    I know the Australian National Maritime Museum has newish and excellent facilities, as I am a volunteer there, but perhasp’i am biased!

    I have but one request – that you discontinue using the Americanism “bathroom” – they have neither baths, nor showers for,that matter! Washroom if you must (NOT restroom – shudder!) but what’s wrong with “accessible toilet facilities” – which is what they are (with or without hoists, or changing tables!

    • Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you found the story of use. How wonderful that you volunteer at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

      With regards to the word bathroom, when writing a piece like this it can become repetitive. There’s only so many ways to describe the same thing. I did title the piece “Best Accessible Toilet Facilities” but I will add that many of the Changing Places Facilities, even two I listed have a shower, flip down shower seat to use within the facilities.

      Thanks again for taking the time.



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