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Bicentennial Park, Homebush

Last visited August 2013

Bicentennial Park at Homebush covers a very large area and is filled with bike tracks that go through mangroves and open spaces.  We find this park can work well if we are meeting other people.  There is a Liberty Swing (wheelchair swing as pictured above), a large playground and the bike tracks are easy pushing for a wheelchair.  There is a casual cafe, Lillies on the Park, where you can get an ice cream, tea, coffee and scones (one of our son’s favourites).  There are good disabled toilet facilities next to this cafe.  There is also a bike hire place here.  When our son was little he could manage to ride in one of the bike seats for young kids quite well. There are barbecue facilities but they are really busy.  People kind of stake there claim on the benches and covered areas early in the day.  It seems to be a spot for big family gatherings.  If you have your own picnic though you can find a quieter spot around the parklands.  My pick for the best barbecue spot would be behind Bel Parco restaurant which overlooks the water. P1130953

There are ducks to watch and keep an eye out for the eels they come out of the water to get their share if anyone is feeding the ducks (though they now have signs up asking people not to feed the wildlife)

Take your Mozzie (mosquito) repellant in summer because it is mangrove country and those mosquitos love that!




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