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BLUE POLES Bed and Breakfast

Blue Poles has bed and breakfast accommodation.  The B&B is an artist studio that has been converted into accommodation for couples.  There is a ramp to the accommodation but this is not wheelchair accessible accommodation.  The room itself has plenty of room to accommodate a wheelchair but the bathroom does not.  I’m mentioning it though because it is beautiful and peaceful (imagine a place where binoculars and a book on what bird is that is provided!) and I know that people viewing our site have all different levels of ability.  Please contact Blue Poles directly if you have any questions.

Please check the Blue Poles website for more information about opening times (please note they are closed for the month of February annually) and to check out their accommodation and menus.


2 thoughts on “BLUE POLES Bed and Breakfast”

  1. Blue Poles is now called The Byabarra and I would not have thought it wheelchair-friendly in the B&B. The café is definitely wheelchair accessible however it is very difficult to access the toilets underneath the café via the side path. Going down is okay but it’s pretty steep pushing a wheelchair back up. The toilets aren’t really suitable for wheelchairs either, and certainly not for electric wheelchairs.
    Having said that though, the food is amazing, the staff are wonderful and the view down the Thone River is simply stunning! We are regulars at The Byabarra, as we were at Blue Poles 🙂

    • Hi Rhonda, Blue Poles/Byabarra has many challenges for a wheelchair user. The B&B would be okay for someone with a mobility restriction rather than a wheelchair user. We always visit when in the Port area and although we miss the Blue Poles owners we still love the location. Thanks for your message.


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