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Bondi Beach is arguably one of the busiest and most popular beaches in Australia. In fact, last year it played host to 4 million visitors. When 1 in 20 people have an access need, this means there’s a significant number of those visitors who require assistance to fully experience our beautiful Bondi Beach. Waverley Council and the Bondi Surf Lifesaving club worked together to make Bondi Beach more accessible and today launched Access Bondi.Bondi Beach

Matting at Bondi Beach


The Access Bondi initiative sees Bondi Beach add to their beach wheelchair fleet with a Sandcruiser (blue adult-size beach wheelchair), a Sandpiper (yellow child-size chair) and a Mobi-chair which allows flotation in the water in a more reclined position.

Sandcruiser beach wheelchair Bondi Beach - Have Wheelchair Will Travel
Sandcruiser adult-size chair
Accessibility Bondi Beach - beach wheelchairs - Have Wheelchair Will Travel
Sandpiper and Sandcruiser beach wheelchairs

The Sandcruiser and Sandpiper are free to use and are stored in lockers on the promenade at the northern end of the beach. Once you’ve taken the beach wheelchair out, you can secure your own wheelchair in the locker while enjoying the beach.

You must book the beach wheelchairs by calling 9083 8400 or email:

Bondi Beach - beach wheelchair locker - Have Wheelchair Will Travel
Beach wheelchair locker – Bondi Beach

I assume at this point you are given further instructions as I believe paperwork needs to be completed and a code provided to access the lockers.

Mobi-Chair beach wheelchair Bondi Beach - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

The Mobi-Chair is available from the Bondi Patrol tent on weekends only.

Bondi Beach access via ramp at northern end of beach - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

A lovely new wide ramp at North Bondi makes access to the beach much easier.

Beach matting Bondi Beach - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Beach matting will be rolled out on Thursdays and Saturdays from 8.30am to 2pm, surf and weather conditions permitting. This is located at the northern end ramp of Bondi Beach, near Wally Weekes pool.

The beach wheelchairs move over the sand relatively easily so the matting is in place for those who prefer to use their own wheelchair, for those using a walking cane, walking stick and for families with prams.

Beach matting Bondi Beach - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Although not necessary for the beach wheelchairs we find it does make pushing easier and is a welcome relief for bare feet. Today the temperature was pushing 40 degrees so the mat was getting a work out from most beach-goers.

Bondi Beach matting - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Keep in mind if you’re using your own wheelchair, the matting doesn’t reach the ocean’s edge. There’s still a short distance (no doubt this depends on tides) to negotiate across soft sand.

Bondi Beach - beach wheelchair - Have Wheelchair will Travel

We love our beach days and we’re so pleased more people will be able to enjoy Bondi Beach thanks to the new accessibility.

Bondi Beach accessibility - Beach Wheelchair Shower - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

We’ve never seen a dedicated beach wheelchair shower but we’re thrilled to find one because keeping the chairs clean is important for the longevity of the equipment and much nicer for the next person borrowing it to find it clean. The shower is lower than the regular showers. BJ certainly didn’t mind cooling off one last time before heading to the car.

Unisex stand-alone accessible bathrooms are available near the beach wheelchair lockers just back from the promenade (see behind BJ and the beach wheelchair shower above).

Two accessible parking spots are located right near the ramp down to the beach at North Bondi. These are hard to get but there’s plenty of accessible parking throughout the open air car parks behind the beach.

You’re spoilt for choice for places to eat at Bondi with a large variety of cafes, restaurants and take away to choose from.

And as with any of our beaches in Australia, please remember to swim between the flags!

You can read more about accessibility at Bondi Beach on the Waverley Council website. 

We have a list of other accessible Sydney beaches and their facilities here.

Bondi Beach accessibility




  1. We are thinking of visiting Bondi with our girl who is 12 years old. We are looking at borrowing or hiring a paediatric beach chair.

    My girl only weight 19 kg and she has never been to the Beach.


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