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Bonorong Sanctuary


Bonorong is a small sanctuary but their work is vital to wildlife in the area. The tour was a definite highlight and proved very educational in regards to the plight of the Tasmanian Devil and why we should support the work to save them.  I love hearing the stories behind the animals and how they have come to live in the sanctuary. The love the keepers have for the animals is obvious when they interact and talk of their work to save them.

In Tasmania we had many interactions with wildlife and one resident at Bonorong made a lasting impression and stole our hearts. That was Lucy, the one year old wombat who was saved from her mother’s pouch after her mother was killed. She oozed personality and unlike many wombats seemed to love and seek out human interaction. The Kangaroos we were told would like nothing more than a good chest rub and this proved true with them leaning in to take full advantage of the offer. Bert the Koala looked unfazed by the clicking cameras and sat patiently while each visitor on the tour lined up to have a happy snap with him.

The sanctuary is wheelchair accessible on the upper level only but this is where the majority of the animals are. Check their website for current tour times. I highly recommend timing your visit to coincide with one of these tours.

AJ’s tip

 Make sure you buy some food at the entry gate to feed the Kangaroos. They are really friendly and love a chest rub.



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