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Book Julie

Julie Jones has 20+ years’ experience in travel, disability, parenting, and communication. She is available to speak to your team, community, business, or organisation.

Julie can also participate or facilitate in workshop-style discussions, seminars, and consultations.

She can speak in-person, or remotely via video/audio stream.

Enquire via email

Julie is available to speak about:

  • How tourism operators can make their product or service more accessible for people with disabilities
  • What’s possible for people with specific needs (e.g., mobility restrictions, sensory sensitivities) who wish to travel

  • Advocating for a person in your care (e.g. NDIS)
  • Obstacles and solutions for people with a disability planning excursions and travel

  • How businesses can be more inclusive for both employees and customers
  • The market for inclusive and accessible travel, and trends in tourism

Julie definitely raised my enthusiasm for further travel, and I’m 80!

– Gail Hassal (Polio NSW)


Polio NSW Logo on image of Sydney Harbour Bridge

“Julie Jones gave an excellent presentation that was clear and concise while offering interesting and very useful information and tips for travelling with a disability. One important point she made was that research is the key to a good travel experience.

The group to whom she was talking is an older demographic who have complications from polio, and of normal ageing, who often find travelling more difficult. Julie’s presentation offered a boost to our collective confidence and showed that accessible travel is still a possibility at an older age.

Julie definitely raised my enthusiasm for further travel, and I’m 80! Thank you, Julie.”

– Gail Hassal (Polio NSW)