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When you or your loved one lives with a disability, options can be limited. Choice is something we’ve always strived for and thanks to the National Disability Insurance Scheme we feel we now have more opportunities opening up for our son. We are still getting used to having this choice and have only recently begun to explore different therapy options and activities for him.

Bupa Therapy MelbourneIt’s liberating having options and the funding to try new things. But, since the National Disability Insurance Scheme was implemented there has been cynicism about the many new services popping up. There’s a question around the experience and suitability of these new centres. I believe in being open minded in the hope we don’t miss a service which may prove ideal for our son. With this in mind, I was keen to check out the Bupa Therapy Centre while on a trip to Melbourne. It sounded like an insightful model with a range of therapies offered under one roof. I’m all for eliminating the need to trek from one service to another and the Bupa Therapy Centre is open to all. You do not need to be a Bupa member to use their services.

Bupa Therapy MelbourneWalking into the Bupa Therapy Centre I was immediately impressed by the thoughtful design of the building. Spacious purpose-built therapy rooms accommodating clients who need physiotherapy, occupational therapy, audiology, speech therapy and optometry.

Bupa Therapy Melbourne

Bupa Therapy is the first in Australia to use the new G-EO System by REHA Technology, the world’s most versatile robotic gait trainer. Bupa’s experienced physiotherapists develop a tailored therapy program for their clients to give them the best chance of regaining independence of movement. The system uses a robotic gait trainer device to simulate a full range of movements. The therapy is designed to assist participants to improve balance, muscle tone, posture and mobility.

The robotic gait training system may be suitable for clients with cerebral palsy, Multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, traumatic brain injuries, traumatic orthopedic cases and stroke patients.

Update – The gait trainer was a trial conducted by Bupa which has now ended.

Bupa Therapy MelbourneAfter many years of meeting therapists, specialists and doctors, I tend to be a little tough. It’s easy to be dazzled by equipment and degrees but I want to know they can back that up with experience and an ability to think outside the box. Chatting to the staff at Bupa Therapy I was impressed by their extensive experience and vision to provide a holistic approach to therapy for their clients.

Bupa Therapy MelbourneI was wowed by the state of the art facility with auto-opening doors and hearing loops but when I spotted a hoisted bathroom facility with a changing places adult-sized change table I felt a shift within myself.

Bupa Therapy CentreI saw it as a sign that although the focus of the centre is rehabilitation and therapy, the needs of the whole person and their support network has been considered.

Bupa Therapy MelbourneGiven I am prone to a good chat and sharing ideas, I was happy to see a communal area with kitchen and seating which I’m sure encourages interaction between families and individuals using the therapy services.

Bupa Therapy MelbourneOver the years we’ve found the opportunity to connect with others has ensured we not only feel less isolated, but we’ve benefited from the experiences and ideas of others.

Accessible parking is available at the centre and ramped access to the building ensures easy access for all visitors.

And because I always feel video shows that little bit more, here’s a walk through some of the facilities.

You can read more about Bupa therapy here.

Bupa Therapy will be at the Melbourne Disability Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre 16 & 17 November 9-3pm so drop by and have a chat if you are going.

I requested to see the Bupa Therapy Centre on my trip to Melbourne. All opinions are my own and my  enthusiasm comes from genuinely being impressed with the all inclusive offerings and therapists I met.



  1. How wonderful to read about Centers like this. Thank you Julie as always for your very informed reports. I want one of these in Newcastle NSW.


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