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Travel packing

JAM adaptive clothing review

Finding the right clothing can be a challenge for people living with a disability for a variety of reasons. Once ...
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12 of the best gift ideas for travel lovers

If you’ve got a travel enthusiast in the family, then gift giving should be easy. Here’s my suggestions for travel-related ...
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A cautionary tale about DVT and air travel

When a friend recently suffered from DVT (deep vein thrombosis) after taking a flight from Europe to Australia it was ...
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Flylite On the Go Wheeled Backpack – review of my new hand luggage

I’ve been struggling to find the right hand luggage for a while. It’s not that we don’t have multiple options ...
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My travel packing essentials

No doubt everyone’s travel packing essentials are different but I thought I’d share the items I always travel with that ...
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Our lost luggage and two packing tips to help you if it happens

If we are travelling with Braeden, our worst fear is that his wheelchair won’t arrive at our destination, or that ...
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