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Christmas is over for another year but we certainly had a beauty of a day. I had to wake AJ which was a change from past years when she was up bright and early. Even BJ delivered a Christmas miracle with a sleep in (6am, a huge sleep in for him). There was Santa sack present opening with BJ getting through his all on his own like a total pro. I couldn’t help but marvel at how easily he now unwraps his presents and even opens the cellophane wrapping around DVDS. He has certainly come a long way. The only help he needed was with the ties around his new remote control car. BJ has recently mastered remote controls and is thoroughly enjoying the control and fun this brings. Another fabulous achievement for him.

Christmas 2016 round up
BJ opening his presents

AJ loved her loot and was much slower and more considered in her opening. BJ is fast and furious with a great rush of paper flying about.

Christmas 2016 round-up
AJ’s calmer approach to opening presents

Our Christmas tradition is to unwrap presents and then head next door to my parents for morning tea, some Christmas cake and exchanging of presents. We gave BJ two large canvas pictures for his room – a group shot from his 21st birthday party and an action shot of his dune buggy joy ride.

Christmas 2016 round-up
BJ loving his canvas picture

We were lucky this year to have our extended family visiting which we haven’t had for a couple of years. AJ and BJ love having their cousins for the day and it adds to the festivities. It was nice to have an even greater extension with a visiting medical exchange student from Sweden. He fitted right in, even bringing some traditional Swedish treats including Glӧgg (a warm mulled wine) and home-made cinnamon buns.

Christmas 2016 round-up
The start of the festivities

There was ham with all the trimmings, baked vegetables, salads, pudding and pavlova as well as all the treats our family loves at Christmas. After lunch we cracked our home-made Christmas crackers which involve treats and novelty gifts tailored to each person. BJ loved his role of champagne popper. He’s a pro after opening three bottles on the day.

Christmas 2016 round up
BJ official champagne popper for the day

We organised a Kris Kringle for presents and I received the most fabulous beach bag (wish I had it for our recent trip to Hamilton Island), some movie tickets and a great platter.

Christmas 2016 round up
5 Second game proved popular with all

Once tummies were full it was time to break out the latest games – 5 second game was a definite hit. I had thought I’d be great at it but it turns out I’m not so good at thinking on my feet. Great hilarity broke out when it was my turn and the question was “Name three things you do on a date.” I happily delivered my three answers in the 5 seconds but “Holding hands, kissing and canoodling in the back of a car” brought great laughter when someone said, “What happened to dinner?”. AJ also received Family Feud Disney Edition and Sushi Go. Games always provide a great way to bring everyone together.

Christmas 2016 round up
Time for soccer after lunch

BJ loved having his cousins and our visitor from Sweden have a game of soccer while the rest of us relaxed from the comfort of the shade.

Christmas 2016 round up
Ukele playing

Unbelievably, everyone made room for round two of food which fuelled another fun round of games and ukele and guitar playing.

Christmas 2016 round up
Ukele time

It was a full and wonderful day surrounded by family, reminding me how lucky I am.

Now it’s time for some pool fun and relaxation.

I’d love to hear how you spent Christmas day. Did you eat in moderation? Was there one stand-out present for you or your child?

Christmas 2016 round up
Boxing day fun



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