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It is wonderful to see two of our Australian supermarket chains supporting families with a child with a disability by rolling out additional needs trolleys in over 300 Coles stores and over 700 Woolworths Stores.  The Coles additional needs trolley arrived at our local store recently so I had the opportunity to check it out (pardon the supermarket pun!).

Tommy and Talyn trying out the Coles additional needs trolleys.

The trolley has a larger seat with full harness attached and a 70kg weight limit.  There is no bar across the front so it makes it easy for parents to seat their child.  The store I visited had the trolley in a separate area from the regular trolley but still at the front of the store.  The manager explained that they are keen for it to only be used by those that really need it therefore they are keeping it to one side.  Our local store manager was pleased to tell me about it.  He advised that anyone wanting to use the trolley could transfer their child from their wheelchair or pram when they arrived at the store to the trolley and the wheelchair or pram would be stored safely.  When finished shopping he said that a staff member could then accompany the family to their car and return the trolley to the store for the person.


I am thrilled to share a list of Coles stores that currently have the trolleys – Coles-Additional-Needs-Updated-List-March 2015.  Coles appear to be happy to supply the trolleys to stores if needed by a customer.  That means this list is always growing.

I think it is important for people interested in using the trolley to contact their store manager and find out the arrangements.  I’m not sure if this will differ from store to store.

If your local store is not on the list please contact Coles customer service on 1800 061 562 and press 7 on the menu to speak to an operator.  Make an enquiry to see if your local store can be added to the list and let them know how helpful this would be to your family.


700 Woolworths stores were to take delivery of an accessible trolley in June and July this year. From what I have seen they are similar to the Coles ones pictured above.  I was hoping to receive a list of locations to share with you but frustratingly Woolworths have said they don’t have one.
Woolworths have told me that the trolley will not be available in stores which are situated in shopping centres that have travelators, as it is not safe to use on a travelator.


For our friends in the UK it is great to see that Sainsbury’s supermarkets are providing special needs trolleys in their stores.

Prunella enjoying going shopping in the Sainsbury’s trolley.

Thanks to Katie for sending this cute pic of her daughter Prunella in a Sainsbury’s trolley which is fitted with the Firefly Goto seat.  Thanks to Nicola for sending the photo of the seat for closer scrutiny!

Katie said “Thought I would share this pic as know you are interested in adapted trolleys in UK. This is my daughter (Prunella, 6, spastic quad cp) on our first trip in a trolley today thanks to Sainsbury’s putting the firefly goto seat into their adapted trolley.”


Caroline’s Cart is now available in many US grocery stores.  I follow the Caroline’s Cart facebook page and the list seems to be growing by the day which is really good news.  In March this year 21 Target stores began trialling Caroline’s Cart. Hopefully it was a success and more Target stores now have the carts available.

1898563_824912570913386_187165650811949187.jpgcaroline's cart
Caroline’s Cart at Target stores in U.S.A.

The list of stores involved in the trial is as follows;

Fayetteville, NC – Skibo Road
Kennewick, WA – N Columbia Center Blvd
Bourbonnais, IL – North State Route 50
Beaverton, OR – NW Evergreen Parkway
Stillwater, MN – Market Drive
Hollister, CA – Airline Highway
Coon Rapids, MN – 124th Ave NW
Roanoke, VA – Valley View Blvd NW
Bridgewater, NJ – Promenade Blvd
San Diego, CA – Camino Del Rio North
Holland, MI – W Shore Dr
Chicago, IL – S Cottage Grove Ave
Shawnee, KS – Shawnee Mission Parkway
San Antonio, TX – Bandera Road
Latham, NY – Troy Schenectady Rd
Saint Paul, MN – University Ave W
Wasilla, AK – E Parks Hwy
Kissimmee, FL – Rolling Oaks Blvd
Woodbury, MN – Commerce Dr
Memphis, TN – Poplar Ave
Cincinnati, OH – Glenway Ave

Photo and list of Caroline’s Cart locations sourced from Caroline’s Cart facebook page

I think this is a great step forward.

I’d love to get your feedback if you have used the Coles, Woolworths, Sainsburys or Caroline’s Cart.  Did you like it and more importantly did your child?

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  1. These are in more Coles now than you have listed. My store has one too (4519 Kippa-Ring QLD). I was so happy when this was bought in. It allows families to do their shopping easily. And I love how happy people are when they find out they don’t have to try to drag a pram and a trolley, or try to get their child into a regular trolley.

    • Hi Kathryn, I’m so pleased you have one at your local store. I am trying to get an updated list from Coles which I will post if I receive it. Thanks again and I’m so glad it is helping you. Julie

  2. It’s a great start but let’s keep the ball rolling. Ask your local Coles if they can get cracking and make a difference to the lives of so many who need someone to be their voice.


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