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Creating Braeden’s ultimate list

Tick tock, tick tock – time is moving along so fast. Is it a sign that I’m getting old that I am talking about how quickly the year is going? I remember as a kid thinking my parents were delusional when they would say how quickly the year was going. I was always hanging out for school holidays (vacation) and time never went fast enough! Anyway, here I am, many years down the line, desperate to slow down time. Over the years I’ve been conscious that as parents we are prepared to do as much more to ensure Braeden can access as many experiences as possible. Pesky occupational health and safety rules mean that others can’t do as much and as I look down the barrel of getting older, I want to do as much as I can with Braeden while I can. So, last weekend I decided creating a list is the answer and I want your help in making the ultimate life fulfilling list for Braeden.

Beach wheelchair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

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Creating Braeden’s ultimate list

When I talk about the ultimate list, I don’t mean for it to be filled with big ticket and challenging things. We don’t have endless funds, time and the ability to do only big things. I want a real mixture. As an example, when I look back at the activities and experiences Braeden has had to date, I’m proud of the mixture. Here’s a little look at the sort of activities we’ve achieved to date.

Ice skating

Wheelchair ice skating - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Braeden loved ice skating with Amelia because he used to sit watching her doing lessons for years. Getting onto the ice in his chair brought such joy and it turned out to be really social too.

Quad biking

Go Dirty Fiji - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Braeden has watched Amelia and Hubby quad biking many times while he and I have ridden alongside in a buggy, so it was a real thrill to strap him onto a quad bike in Fiji and tour together. Braeden was beyond delighted.

Go Dirty Fiji quad tour review.


Putt Planet mini-golf - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Mini golf usually has many barriers for access, so we had a blast involving Braeden in a game at Putt Planet, the most accessible course we have found to date.

Putt Planet review.

Helicopter to a glacier

Franz Josef Glacier accessible New Zealand

Taking Braeden in a helicopter at Franz Josef was lovely but we’d travelled to the region just because when we landed on the glacier, he would be able to get out and experience the glacier with us.

You can read about the glacier flight here. 


A week in the life of Braeden - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

We’ve taken Braeden kayaking in New Zealand, at Hamilton Island and now we have our own kayak to go exploring.

Buggy tours

Bugg tour - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

We’ve done many buggy rides in various places including Hill End and the Gold Coast.

Both businesses have since sadly closed.

Cable hang-gliding

Cable hang-gliding - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

As Braeden flew across a river in Tasmania I wondered if I was a good mother for letting him do cable hang-gliding or a reckless one. All turned out well though and he loved it.

Full review can be read about this experience here.

Fire truck

Argonaut Hotel - accessible San Francisco - Fire engine tour - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Braeden has always loved fire engines so the ultimate way to see San Francisco was in an Old Mack Fire Truck decked out in original fire gear.

Dining out

Raclette Igloo Sydney review - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Our most recent adventure was dining in an igloo but as many of you will know, Braeden’s not one to sit for long enough to enjoy a long meal.

Igloo review is here.

Swimming with stingrays and tropical fish

Daydream Island Resort - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Braeden can’t snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef but Daydream Island Resort’s living reef gave him the opportunity to swim with stingrays and see lots of sea life.

Daydream Island’s accessible accommodation review is here. 

Showered with a grouper watching

Daydream Island Resort - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

On the more bizarre scale of activities, Braeden has showered with the view of an underwater reef and a grouper watching on. Photo with clothes on for modesty of course!


Meet & greets

Braeden has met Antonio Banderias, The Wiggles, the Irwin family, Craig Lowndes to name a few. He’s even been in a Hi 5 children’s video.

Braeden is extremely fortunate to have had many fabulous experiences over his lifetime so far. We just plan to keep adding to it.

Our future list so far

You might note that many of the activities are inspired by YouTube and that’s because I can gauge Braeden’s interest by his engagement and shrieks of delight.

Colour run

I think Braeden would love to do a colour run. It’s social, usually for a good cause and he’d think being covered in colour powder was a hoot.  He’s seen it on YouTube and always looks excited. If anyone knows of any happening in Sydney we’d love to hear about it.

A Disney Cruise

Disney Wonder - wheelchair accessible stateroom - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Again, this is inspired by Braeden’s current favourite YouTube family who have just been on a Disney Cruise. The big bonus would be that there’s no long-haul flight to get a taste of Disney magic.


There is a company in New Zealand that offers a tandem blokarting experience. I can’t imagine Braeden wouldn’t love this as he enjoys dodgem cars and regular go-karting. Why not try something new?


This is definitely one we need to do sooner rather than later. I had hoped to do it when we went to the Whitsundays but the plane wasn’t operating. I think Braeden would love landing on the water and then jumping straight into the ocean. It would however be quite a challenge to get him up into the plane but after studying some travel videos I’d decided we could do it. When I say “we” that’s the royal we because it would require Hubby’s muscle-power.

Sit-skiing at the snow

Although Braeden has been on a sit-ski at Franz Josef Glacier I’m keen for him to do it with an instructor down a mountain. I can’t imagine what a challenge it will be to get him into all the gear but I think he would love the whoosh of going down the mountain.

I know we will keep adding to the list over time because I want more than anything to fill Braeden’s life with wonderful variety of experiences. I don’t want his disability to limit his life’s experiences. If he wants to give something a go then I want us to be still strong enough to facilitate it.

Five of the best things to do in Anaheim - Wining & Dining - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Tonight for Friday night drinks over on our Facebook page, my question is, what are some other activities we can add to the list? They don’t have to be big things, just activities that young people Braeden’s age might get to do or try. A mixture of things that can be achieved on a weekend outing, or on a holiday.

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