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Delta Sky Club lounge review – Los Angeles Airport

When travelling on a long-haul flight the ability to access an airport lounge can make the world of difference to the travel experience. On my trip to the US I was provided with complimentary access to the luxurious Delta Sky Club lounge at Los Angeles Airport and I was positively wowed by its facilities and the view, so of course I wanted to share a review.

Delta Sky Club Lounge review LAX - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Delta Sky Club lounge review – Los Angeles Airport

Flying from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles with the prospect of another six hour flight to Florida I was truly feeling the effects of a long-haul flight. After 14 odd hours flying time I was ready to stretch my legs, have a bite to eat and most of all, I was keen to take a shower. Everything about the Delta Sky Club lounge was what I needed after my first flight. Delta Sky Club Lounge LAXMy flight arrived into Los Angeles in the early morning so breakfast was being served in the lounge. I was a little surprised at the number of people lined up at the bar given the time of day, but I guess as the saying goes, it’s five o’clock somewhere in the world! Beer, wine and spirits are complimentary in the lounge with cocktails and premium beverages available to order for purchase.

Delta Sky Club Lounge LAX

It was too early for me to hit the bar so instead I grabbed a toasted bagel, a cup of tea and some snacks to take on my next flight. A selection of fruits, yoghurts, pastries, hot breakfast options and more is available. Every kind of cold or hot beverage is on tap and there’s plenty of nibbles including chips (crisps) and lollies (candy) to keep you on a sugar high for your travels.

Delta Sky Club Lounge LAX
Art at the Delta Sky Club Lounge LAX

While I appreciated the extensive self-serve options at the two buffet bars it was a shower that I craved.  My luggage was checked through to Florida but I’d planned ahead with a change of clothes in my hand luggage. Fortunately there was no wait for a shower so I was able to get access to a bathroom straight away.

Delta Sky Club Lounge LAX - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Everything I needed to freshen up was provided within the bathroom, including a towel, face washer, toiletries and a hair dryer. For anyone with access needs there is a shower bench within the shower cubicle but there is a small hob which surrounds the shower. If you need a fully accessible shower make sure you request one of the four available.

Delta Sky Club Lounge LAX review - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

The bathrooms are cleaned after each use so I left a tip for the bathroom attendant. I can’t imagine what a grind it must be cleaning the bathrooms only to have to do it again 15-20 minutes later. The staff in the Delta Sky Club lounge do it all with a smile that doesn’t hint at the repetitive nature of their job.

After a shower and a change of clothes more appropriate for the warmer climate, I felt refreshed and ready to tackle the next leg of my trip to Florida.

Delta Sky Club Lounge LAX

Still with time to pass, the next big decision was where to plonk myself to relax while waiting for my flight. The Delta Sky Club lounge is expansive and offers floor to ceiling windows which allow light to stream into the lounge. If you are lucky enough to snag yourself an alfresco seat on the terrace you can get a breath of fresh air too, a welcome treat at an airport. The outdoor seating area is the most popular in the lounge and why wouldn’t it be with views to the Hollywood Hills and Downtown LA. On the morning I was visiting the area was full so I opted for a lounge chair near the telephone booth/pods. How delightful to have loud talkers confined to individual booths so travellers wanting to relax don’t need to listen to their calls. The booths reminded me of something you’d see in an episode of Get Smart (for those too young to remember the original series, or yet to watch the reruns, it’s a goofy old television show about secret agents).

Charging points are plentiful throughout the lounge and there’s plenty of dedicated work spaces. I found the people watching in the lounge too good to even bother opening my laptop. Clearly you can take the girl out of Australia but you can’t take the sticky beak out of the girl.

Accessibility at the Delta Sky Club Lounge LAX

Accessibility at the Delta Sky Club lounge at Los Angeles Airport is good throughout. With a range of seating options there’s the ability to pull up to a table in a wheelchair without hindrance. The main thoroughfares are wide and provide good circulation space.

Delta Sky Club Lounge LAX review - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Accessible shower facilities are available and large accessible toilet cubicles are located in the mens and womens toilets. I didn’t see a stand-alone unisex bathroom within the lounge area.

The Delta Sky Club lounge at Los Angeles airport is located in Terminal 3 Sky Way (between T2 and T3).

Access to the Delta Sky Club lounge is limited to travellers who fit particular criteria, whether that’s through airline status, entry via benefits of certain credit cards or depending on the class of travel. For a thorough run down check the Delta AirLines website.

Overall, Delta gets a big thumbs up, both for its Delta Sky Club lounge and the Premium Select option for air travel.

Delta Airlines Premium Select review - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

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