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Whether you’re planning an interstate or international adventure or simply making the most of previously unexplored territory closer to home, the Delichon Delta Buggy is a standout performer with exceptional off-road capabilities.

Light weight, compact and easily manoeuvred, Delta is a three wheeled stroller, available in six sizes and suitable for children and adults with limited mobility. It’s a rugged buggy which can provide access to areas generally considered impossible to get to in a standard wheelchair.

Beachwheels Australia Delta Buggy

Muddy parks, gravelly paths, rough off-road tracks and sandy beaches – Delta makes the trip not only possible but easy and at the end of the outing, the Delta Buggy collapses effortlessly and stores with no fuss in the boot of even a small car.

Delta is versatile too and this means no one needs to be left behind when the family wants to cycle as the cycle conversion readily converts the buggy into a cycle trailer that can be safely towed behind an adult bike. 

By substituting the standard fixed front wheel with the swivel wheel option, Delta becomes even easier to manoeuvre making it a great choice for taking shopping, to school or generally using as a back up to the everyday wheelchair. 

Standard on all Delta Buggies are a plethora of safety and comfort features, including a generous sun canopy, mountain bike brake levers, five point adjustable harness, and an adjustable footplate and push bar.  

The range of options is extensive and includes various wheel choices such as swivel wheels, double wheels and Wheeleez balloon wheels. 

With all the Delta Buggy has to offer, there is little wonder why it is commonly considered the ultimate in all terrain buggies.

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For more information or to arrange a trial, please contact Drew on 04176135666  or Tina on 0435916391.


This sponsored article first appeared in Travel Without Limits #7 (March 2022)