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Tourist Transport Fiji (TTF) is Fiji’s premier transport operator and ground handler, having been in operation for more than 36 years. Based in Nadi, Fiji, TTF is conveniently located at Nadi International Airport. No other business has a more experienced team nor modern fleet to offer a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly transport and ground handling in Fiji.

Tourist Transport Fiji meets the needs of more than 200,000 passengers each year through the following services:

  • Fiji’s modern and most environmentally friendly fleet
  • Airport arrivals service and greeting lounge area
  • Tours, reservations and ground-handling service
  • Conference and incentive groups handling
  • Personalised private transfers
  • Regular seat in vehicle services connecting all international flights from all resorts
  • Dedicated groups, tours and series department
  • Day tours, adventure travel and sightseeing
  • 24-hour transport and customer services
  • Fiji’s only wheelchair-accessible vehicle service provider
TTF Advertorial image
Spacious, wheelchair-accessible, reliable transport opens up Fiji for exploration. Credit: Supplied

Tourist Transport Fiji offers clients the use of a Sandcruiser beach wheelchair – equipped with both balloon and self-propelling wheels – to access pools, the beach and some of Fiji’s remote locations. The combination of the Sandcruiser and accessible transport is a unique offering for TTF’s clients – in fact, it offers clients a special free-of-charge hire deal as part of the package if they are booked on TTF accessible day tour. They want to ensure everyone has access to the experiences they offer. For any other daily use, this Sandcruiser can be hired from TTF at a minimum cost.

As specialists in tourist transportation, TTF knows and constantly meets the expectations of its customers and ensures staff are fully trained in safe practises and customer service. TTF has a close association with many tourist-based operations in Australia and New Zealand, and its commitment to high-quality operations is expected. 

No company in Fiji has a better understanding of visitor transport and ground-handling requirements than TTF. It ensures safe practises and a very high level of responsibility at all times. Vehicles undergo rigorous maintenance and are monitored by GPS tracking on a 24/7 basis. 

Tourist Transport Fiji has FJ$8.5m public-liability insurance in place and motor-vehicle liability of FJ$32m. All insurance offered has a worldwide jurisdiction, including the US and Canada. For more information, visit