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Travelling by road can be awe-inspiring. Have you ever decided to explore an unknown town and discovered a slice of heaven? That’s the stuff of memories.

The freedom of a driving holiday is difficult to surpass – it’s just one reason we love them. They also allow easy transporting of daily essentials, home comforts and necessary equipment. Let’s look at useful car storage hacks that make road tripping easier. 


When planning storage, consider all equipment, not just your wheelchair or mobility scooter. Walking frames, commodes, ventilators and emergency supplies also take up space and must be stored safely. Heavy items like oxygen bottles and extra batteries need to be properly secured too, to prevent them from becoming hazards. 

Get out and about with peace of mind thanks to Blue Badge Insurance. Credit: Supplied

Several external vehicle modifications can increase storage space:


  • Towbar-mounted wheelchair and scooter carriers: Foldable manual wheelchairs can be mounted on a rack similar to a standard bike rack, while larger aids like scooters can sit on a tray with extendable ramp. 
  • Roof racks: Usually combined with car roof hoists, these are only suitable for use with foldable manual wheelchairs and come with or without weather-protection covers. 
  • Trailers: These can be specially designed to carry mobility scooters or power wheelchairs. 
  • Storage boxes/roof pods: These are a great way to store mobility equipment such as manual wheelchairs or walking frames, and other general luggage. 


While on the road, you’ll want things to stay in their place and be easily accessible, externally and internally. Consider interior storage options like behind-headrest and under-seat pockets, boot compartments, console organisers, luggage nets, umbrella stands and more. 

blue badge insurance storage options
It is handy to have good storage for all your knick-knacks when on the road. Credit: Supplied

These will help safely store your back-up battery, first-aid kit, equipment tools, extra winter woolies and other must-haves. 


Insuring your vehicle and mobility equipment is crucial for holidays, and for daily life. Consider a specialist insurer like Blue Badge Insurance, which really understands the needs of people with disabilities.

Blue Badge Insurance has car insurance for disability parking permit users, giving discounted premiums of up to 25%, up to $5000 cover for in-car assistive technology, and can cover others who drive your vehicle. Converted cars are also provided a ‘new for old’ replacement option for disability conversions (conversions up to five years old, from newly installed). 

Blue Badge Insurance’s mobility equipment insurance covers wheelchairs and mobility scooters against accidental loss and damage, and third-party liability for personal injury and property.

Terms and conditions

Discounts for the Blue Badge Insurance Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance will be applied to the base vehicle rates subject to the customer holding a permanent Disability Parking Permit and/or the vehicle has been converted for use by a driver or passengers that have a disability. The discounts do not apply to the Blue Badge Roadside Assistance Optional Benefit. Underwriting criteria will be applied to the consideration of the risk. Additional excesses will apply to drivers under 25 and drivers who have held a full Australian driver’s licence for less than two years. This offer may be withdrawn at any time. 

For full details of the conditions, terms, limits and exclusions, and to decide whether this cover is suitable for you, please read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement at