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Wonsie bodysuits offer practical solutions to many tricky situations faced by families with a loved one with a disability. The bodysuits keep those wearing them warm while tube-feeding, puts a stop to inappropriate undressing and are ideal for sensory sensitivities. We asked two families to share how their favourite Wonsie garments have helped them. 


“Marshall loves the short-sleeve tummy-access Wonsie, using it both as a singlet and a shirt. We appreciate the fact that it can be worn as an undergarment under shirts and jumpers, yet still looks like a shirt to the untrained eye for warm days. When it comes to travel, we’ve found Wonsie’s help stop ‘diaper diving’, which is a big relief.”

Marshall Wonsie Advertorial
Marshall setting off on a day out in his Wonsie. Credit: Supplied


Amy loves the tummy-access bodysuits in long-sleeve, short-sleeve and singlet varieties, depending on the weather. She loves them because they’re soft and comfortable, with no scratchy bits or labels. She also loves the sensory feedback they provide. We appreciate the Wonsie bodysuits because they cover Amy’s PEG but provide easy access to the site when it’s time for a feed; no more inquisitive fingers venturing into places they shouldn’t! We have significantly reduced the number of times she’s pulled out her PEG or had an infection in the site. It has also removed nappy access, which has made a massive difference to our stress levels. When travelling, the Wonsie bodysuits are comfortable for long car trips as they keep Amy cool, don’t ride up and don’t create pressure sites like other clothes can do when sitting in a car seat.”

Feeding Amy - Wonsie Advertorial
Amy and her family love the comfy Wonsie, which helps with feeding. Credit: Supplied

Wonsie bodysuits were created by an Australian mum who made the first one to help a friend who was experiencing difficulties with her child smearing. The bodysuits have gone on to assist families across the world (worldwide shipping is available) and come in sizes that fit everyone from toddlers to large adults and are also wonderful for people in aged care. 

‘Dignity’ is a word often used by families who purchase the bodysuits. Dignity for their loved one because they encourage appropriate behavior, and for those who require peg-feeding the discreet slit makes feeding easier. As a proud National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider, the Wonsie team believes everyone deserves dignity and is proud to assist in making life easier for people of all ages. Visit for more information.