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Today we had the pleasure of seeing a preview of the much anticipated movie Finding Dory. We were thrilled to be invited to an event where we were the first in the world (well, apart from Ellen and the Pixar crew) to see the movie. BJ was at respite so AJ took along a friend to the special screening.

Our family are huge movie fans. Hubby and I love heading out to the movies for a date night, I love escaping the day-to-day pressures to see a movie with my Mum and we get along to most family movies with the kids. We are particularly big fans of all things Disney so I was quick to say “Yes” to an invitation to see Finding Dory.

Finding Dory
Getting a sneak peek of Finding Dory

Finding Dory, as the name suggests, focuses on Nemo’s pal and Marlin’s travel companion, Dory who we met for the first time in Finding Nemo. The story follows Dory’s quest to find her parents. It’s a real challenge for a fish with short-term memory loss. I don’t want to ruin any surprises but I will say that the movie explores the concepts of friendship, believing in yourself and trust. I love seeing the positive impact Dory has on Nemo’s Dad Marlin who is naturally cautious and a little uptight.

There is an appearance from the much loved character Crush and a quick cameo from the seagulls. One of the new characters, Hank the octopus, steals the show. Voiced by Ed O’Neill of Modern Family and Married with Children fame he is a wonderful new side-kick for Dory.

Finding Dory
Finding Dory preview

Our family are big fans of Ellen DeGeneres and her humour continues to shine through in this movie. Her skill at “speaking whale” is remarkable.

I can’t wait for BJ to see the movie; he’ll particularly love the action packed car scene towards the end. It brought great giggles from the crowd and is just the type of humour BJ loves.

We give the movie a big thumbs up, or should that be fins up?


As much as I’ve seen Finding Nemo a million times, I wish I’d watched it again before seeing Finding Dory. The movie stands well on its own so it isn’t necessary but it will help get you into the mood for it.

We saw the movie in 3D today and I highly recommend seeing it this way, if wearing 3D glasses isn’t a problem. BJ won’t wear the glasses sadly.

If your child found some parts of Finding Nemo a little scary rest assured, they should be fine with Finding Dory.

This movie is great for the whole family. I’d recommend from 4 years and up.

Thanks to Digital Parents Australia and Subway Australia for the invitation. We had a blast.

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