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I recently met one of our Facebook friends and she said something that made me worry that I come across as someone that I’m not. Soon after I shared a post about the day I lost the plot and someone commented that it was great to see my “human-ness.”

My aim with Facebook is to always share positive stories. I would like to think that if someone is having a bad day that they can always find something positive or encouraging on our page.  Although I have a glass half-full attitude to life it certainly isn’t all smooth sailing around here. I’d also hate to think that people imagine I’m this studious person obsessed with advocating and have nothing else in my life. That is far from me.

So here are 5 things to prove my “human-ness”.


I love trashy tv. It’s my escape. I can lose myself for an hour in I’m a Celebrity get me Out of Here, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (wow those ladies can fight), Married at First Sight (who does that?) or Million Dollar Listing LA (in my dreams I’d have such a beautiful house). I unashamedly watch them and enjoy them. I love a Doc Martin, Ballykissangel repeat or Seachange too but these series are few and far between these days.


Hamming it up for AJ’s Hollywood party.

I love to travel and when I heard there was a trip to New York up for grabs and it had a Seinfeld twist I was in. I had to follow the clues to find a film crew in the city and then I had to act out a scene from Seinfeld. I didn’t win the trip to New York. I was up against guys with canned laughter for goodness sake. I did win a prize and it was a lot of fun. For any Seinfeld fans, I acted out the “I can’t spare a square” scene. It was a bit of madness but at least I gave it a go.


G'day LA
Going to the G’day LA ball seemed a sky high dream but I went there.

I dream big in life and sometimes it has paid off. People laugh when I say I dream of riding in a private jet, meeting Obama or Ellen. It could happen and if you are going to dream big why not have some fun with it. Obviously I have grounded wishes too but if I was to have some flights of fantasy these would be a few. Oh and I’d also love to visit an animation studio.


If you get the chance why not sing ‘Smelly Cat’ on the Friends set.

I figure it is worth giving something a go, asking even though the answer may be ‘No’ and putting myself on the line. Why not approach a Minister and share info about Have Wheelchair Will Travel? At least I’ve given it a go.

On a totally different note, if you have the chance to sing ‘Smelly Cat’ like Phoebe on the Friends set, why not give that a go too? Yep, I did that too.


I don’t leave home without my mascara, I love Coles chocolate coated licorice bullets, I love playing board games, I have been known to laugh until I snort and I have a freakish ability to remember random facts about celebrities. Did you know that Michael Douglas and his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones share a birthday? And I LOVE my movies. Going to the cinema is an absolute favourite thing to do.

The point of this post is not to share useless facts about me, but to make sure you know that I am more than one dimensional and certainly a far from perfect parent, wife, daughter and person. I’ve even cheated at therapy on many an occasion (you may wonder how you can cheat but when BJ had to walk a certain distance and we were in a group scenario and the physio was distracted, I may or may not have shortened the distance we had to walk. Let’s just say I may have pressed fast forward and assisted.)

We are people, not machines. We have to have a good balance in our lives and remember its okay to be human.

If you would like to read some sensible posts in the future don’t forget to sign up and subscribe. I promise I am responsible despite my dubious television choices.



  1. Well, I’m shocked at the trashy TV, but will let you off and see it as an endearing faux pas. Can you tell I’m a TV snob? That’s part of my human-ness, I guess.

    Here too, life is never all beer and skittles. I like to focus on the positive too, but am also very lucky to have several good friends who are never shocked to hear from e when I’m feeling less than cheerful.

    Life with a special needs family member can be overwhelming… actually life itself just by itself can be overwhelming. But still, here’s to real life and to its real life ups and downs.

    • Well, I’m shocked at myself too Seana but unapologetic. At times I need something where my brain totally checks out, my emotions are not tugged at and I can mindless watch. Hubby finds that part of my human-ness hard to cope with that is for sure.

      We all need different things and that is what makes us all so wonderfully different. We can have lots of facets to us which makes us unique.

      Thanks for sharing and understanding. We’ve had a run of downs as a family lately so I’m looking forward to the up. Nothing compared to other families of course and good health is the most important thing always.


  2. I love this post. Thank you. Not only does it tell me more about you, not only does it strike a “I am human” chord but I identify strongly with many of them. Not Trashy TV so much although Doc Martin and Ballykissangel both have me.

    It gives me ideas for a post….

    • Hi David,

      I shall look forward to learning more about you when you do a similar post on Trail Rider Tales. Maybe we have more in common than loving the TrailRider, Doc Martin and Ballykissangel.

      Take care.



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