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Flynns Beach

Last visited January 2014

Flynns Beach is a great spot for families and one of our new favourite beaches. Flynn’s has had a makeover since our last visit to Port Macquarie. It has a fantastic new ramp to make access to the beach easier. There is a café which gives you the best seat on the beach without getting sand into your cappuccino!

The lifesavers were helpful in getting us the beach wheelchair and generally having a chat about water temp and conditions (only time I’m interested is when I’m on holidays!) There is a fantastic disabled parking spot right beside the surf club which means you can bring the beach wheelchair to the car and avoid extra transfers. There is also a stand alone disabled toilet/change facility at the surf club.

Flynns even has books and magazines for you to borrow if you forgot your own (I can but dream that a trip to the beach would involve lying down reading a book!) It is a local council initiative which proves that the honour system is still alive and well in the country! The other thing we liked about Flynns was that the sand was very even when using the beach wheelchair in the water, no great holes or dips but that could change of course from day to day with conditions. For the week we visited it was great. We even had four dolphins swim by while we were at the beach proving we had picked a great spot.

Find accessible accommodation near Flynn’s Beach here.


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