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When we planned to return to Hamilton Island in April this year we booked into the same apartment we’d stayed in on our last trip. Unfortunately, Cyclone Debbie had other plans and the apartment needed major repairs resulting in us not only altering the time of year we would travel, but also where we stayed. Hibiscus Lodge 1 was described on the Hamilton Island Holiday Homes website as single-level and family-friendly and it was perfect for us. Not only is Hibiscus Lodge 1 a spacious apartment, but it has a central location, right near Catseye Beach and the island’s main facilities. Sometimes life has a funny way of turning out and when we return to the island (you’ll notice I say “when” not if we return), we’ll definitely be rebooking Hibiscus Lodge 1 apartment. This is not a wheelchair accessible apartment so if you’re looking for accommodation with fully accessible facilities I suggest you read my review of the Reef View Hotel here.

Hibiscus Lodge 1 - Hamilton Island
Hibiscus Lodge

There is so much to love about this property. I adored having a water view, a wallaby visited daily to graze on the lawn in front of the lodge, a possum popped in each night and the cockatoos paraded across the lawn like soldiers, though I think they were actually scoping out the afternoon tea we were enjoying on the terrace.

We were a short buggy ride to the beach but the complex also has its own pool which is accessed via a ramp from the apartment block. AJ was the only one to take a dip, the rest of us prefer the ocean when it’s so warm and lovely.

Hibiscus Lodge 1- Hamilton Island
Hibiscus Lodge1 – Living area

Hibiscus Lodge 1 is on the ground floor of the multi-level complex with a small step into the apartment.

The two-bedroom apartment is light-filled and spacious with a view to Catseye Beach. We took full advantage of sitting on the terrace watching the paddle-boarding and catamarans when we weren’t at the beach ourselves – the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine and some nibbles.

Hibiscus 1 Lodge - Hamilton Island
Evening nibbles on the terrace

The Fishi’s Whitsunday prawns available from the IGA supermarket are the best!

Hibiscus Lodge 1 - Hamilton Island
Living area Hibiscus Lodge 1

The lounge area provided plenty of seating for our family and a three seater couch for BJ to stretch out on for watching his movies when he was up early in the mornings. We appreciated the free-flow and lack of furniture clutter throughout. It made wheelchair manoevering easy.


Hibiscus Lodge 1 - Hamilton Island
Main bedroom Hibiscus Lodge 1

The large king-bedded (non-split) main bedroom has views to Catseye beach and room to spare. Complete with TV, DVD player and air-conditioner the room is extremely comfortable and well equipped.

Hibiscs Lodge 1 - Hamilton Island
Walk-in robe

A large walk-in robe ensured we weren’t falling over our luggage and had space to unpack and really settle in for our stay.

Hibiscus 1 - Hamilton Island
Ensuite bathroom

We requested a shower chair for our stay which we used in the shower recess of the ensuite bathroom. It just fitted, but worked well for BJ. We travel with a large plastic cup to wash BJ’s hair which we needed as the ensuite bathroom has a fixed shower head.

Hibiscus 1 - Hamilton Island
Ensuite bathroom

The window in the shower recess allowed those of us standing for a shower a lovely view of Catseye Beach.

Hibiscus 1 - Hamilton Island
Kitchen Hibiscus Lodge 1

Now that the island has a fabulous new IGA supermarket, with a wonderful range of food choices, we thoroughly appreciated having a full kitchen with stove top, oven, microwave, full-size fridge and dishwasher. It made self-catering many of our meals easy.

Hibiscus Lodge 1 - Hamilton Island
Eggs on the BBQ

The barbecue on the terrace got Hubby cooking me eggs for breakfast which was a lovely holiday treat. Judging by the lovely aromas which wafted our way in the evening, I think many of our neighbours popped their dinner on the barbie.


The compact second bedroom contains a double bed and single bed, built-in wardrobe and air-conditioner for those balmy Queensland evenings.

Hibiscus 1 - Hamilton Island
Second bedroom


Next door to the second bedroom is the main bathroom which has a toilet, shower and sink.

Hibiscus 1 - Hamilton Island
Main bathroom next to bedroom 2

Although I’d love to take a holiday from washing, washing never seems to take a holiday from the family and therefore I’m always happy to find a washing machine and dryer in an apartment. Hibiscus 1 has a large drying rack on the terrace so we didn’t need the dryer during our stay.

A golf buggy is included in the rental of Hibiscus 1 Lodge. This was definitely BJ’s favourite feature of the apartment.

Hibiscus Lodge 1 - Hamilton Island
Golf Buggy


Bougainvillea Pool is just minutes away and located opposite Hibiscus Lodge. This pool is great for families because it has varying water depths, including a shallow area to sit or wade.

Hibiscus Lodge 1 - Hamilton Island
Bougainvillea Pool

Access to the pool area is wheelchair accessible and there’s access to a wheelchair accessible bathroom nearby.

Hibiscus Lodge 1 - Hamilton Island
Bougainvillea Pool

You can read more about Hibiscus Lodge 1 here.

We were guests of Hamilton Island for a portion of our stay. As always our opinions are our own and our enthusiasm is the result of a great stay.






  1. Hi, is the wheelchair rack on the buggy specific to the lodge supplied one or can you request this from the Hire Buggy place on Hammo when booking?

    • Hi Steve,

      It’s not a wheelchair rack as such, the bar just worked well for the wheelchair. I can’t post a photo in this comment but if you’d like me to email you a couple of photos of the bar and how we attached the wheelchair, I’m happy to do so. That way you’ll have a better idea if it will work for you.


        • Yes, all the buggies I saw had a bar. We found the bars varied slightly but we could still hook the wheelchair on to either bar type. I’ll email photos to the email address you’ve provided.

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for the detailed review. I was just wondering if there were any stairs between this apartment and the car space? I have a 6 year old who uses a walking frame and want somewhere relatively easy for him and us to get around, we will also have a pram as well, so the less steps the better,


    • Hi Kim,

      There’s one step into the apartment. We parked our golf cart in the closest spot to the apartment so we went down the gutter (effectively a step) BUT, you can walk along the apartments a little further and there is a cutaway from memory. We just went the shortest route. It’s not far though.

      I hope that helps.

      • You are spot on re the gutter and the cut away. I drove past yesterday whilst staying at the Reef. Thanks for your reviews of Hamilton Island, it was all I expected and more. The tip of taking straps to tie on my chair worked beautifully.


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