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How you can help us with Have Wheelchair Will Travel

We feel extremely lucky to have such an amazing community here on Have Wheelchair Will Travel and hope that the information we provide is helpful. We love what we do and want to continue to take Have Wheelchair Will Travel to great heights. So, I thought I’d share a few ways you can help us without it costing you anything.

Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Spread the word

Have Wheelchair Will Travel

We want to help as many people as possible and we know that our blogs, reviews, and information is only reaching a small portion of the community that it can help. We’d love for you to tell your school, disability organisation, friends and therapists about our website and Facebook page. While we aim to share information with our readers, we also learn so much from all of you. When someone has a question it’s wonderful to be able to ask our Facebook community. The more people, the more information that is shared.

If your school or workplace has a newsletter, we’d love for you to suggest that Have Wheelchair Will Travel’s website is included as a source for reliable information.

Click on a link

Have Wheelchair Will Travel


We have a couple of affiliate links on our website, one for Cover-more travel insurance and one for Amazon. If you purchase your travel insurance or buy something through Amazon (anything at all) by clicking on our ad on the website, we earn a small commission but it doesn’t cost you anything. We just get a referral fee which assists us with web hosting and other costs associated with the website. It’s only a small amount but it’s a great help with keeping our costs down. You’ll see the two ads with links on the right hand side of the website. We don’t get any details about who purchases what, so your secret is safe with Amazon!

Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Social media love

Have Wheelchair Will Travel

We now have over 16,000 friends on our Have Wheelchair Will Travel Facebook page but we know that the powers that be (I’m looking at you Mark Zuckerberg) only share our content with a portion of those friends. Mostly, it’s the people who like, share or comment on our Facebook posts. We get it, some people prefer to be observers rather than commenting on everything. But good old Mark sees that as disinterest and he stops sending our posts your way. If you want to keep seeing our posts, consider giving them a like, comment, click through to the blog or share a post every now and then. It makes a difference and again, costs nothing.

Have Wheelchair Will Travel

It’s the same with Instagram. We often post videos on Instagram that we don’t share on Facebook.

Subscribe to our newsletter

Have Wheelchair Will Travel

I was once told that depending on Facebook and Instagram is like living on borrowed land. The algorithm changes or Mark Z has a bad day and suddenly the rules change, and our friends are lost to us. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you’ll be sure to hear from us and we promise we don’t spam and never share your details with others. We respect our community too much for that. Our newsletter is free. If you scroll to the base of our home page on Have Wheelchair Will Travel, you’ll see the box where you can sign up (see picture above)

Travel Without Limits

Travel Without Limits magazine

I’ve said many times this is my passion project. So please spread the word. Let people know of the magazine’s existence and how they can subscribe. I put a lot of time and love into each issue and would love to see the magazine reach more people.


While we don’t need accolades, if you see an award you think we may qualify for, please let us know. Often being nominated for an award helps shine the light on accessible tourism and we certainly need more of that.

While we are sharing the ways in which you can assist us with Have Wheelchair Will Travel and Travel Without Limits, these actions will help any organisation or business you want to support. By interacting with people’s social media posts or clicking through to their website you are sharing your support one click at a time.

Thanks again for being such a wonderful community. We really appreciate your support.

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