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Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley Tourist Office

We found stopping at the tourist office was useful to pick up a map which lists all the local sights, wineries and shops of interest.   They also had a ‘what’s on’ print out for the weekend.   It made it easier for us to work out the best way to plan our days so we weren’t back tracking all the time.  We could also decide which stops let us see a few things in one spot so we weren’t getting the wheelchair in and out of the car constantly.

vinesThere are disabled parking spaces here but they are normal size parking spots, just closer to the door.  There is a disabled toilet inside the centre and out of hours there is also a toilet block with a stand alone disabled toilet.  It looks as though it would be locked outside of business hours and would need a Mlak key to open it.

My Driving Tip

We drove straight up the freeway from Sydney on the way to the Hunter Valley but on the way home we drove via Wollemi and although it is longer it is a very pretty drive.  If we had more time I would love to have had a look around Wollemi but we will keep that for next time!



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