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Hyde Park Barracks and Cafe

Last visited 2011

Hyde Park Barracks Cafe is opposite Hyde Park and it is a great place for a meal or light snack. They have a varied menu and on a fine day in Sydney it is really pleasant sitting outside.  Everything I’ve had to eat here (on many visits) has been delicious.  The staff are very efficient and friendly.  One particular staff member has great stories to tell and happy to chat.

Sitting inside would be a little more tricky to negotiate with a wheelchair but I am sure the staff would try to accommodate you if your preference was inside. I would ring ahead though as the inside is split into two levels and one is up stairs.

Check out the menus and the information on the website, Hyde Park Barracks Cafe if you are interested.

Hyde Park barracks photo


The main building in this complex is the Barracks of course (you can see where my priorities lie, mentioning food before history!). The Barracks is basically the prison where convicts lived when they arrived in Sydney. Thanks to the healthy rat population of the time, much history has been retained.  The rats would take things from the convicts and many relics were found buried beneath the floor boards. It is a good insight into what must have been a very miserable life for the convicts.

Due to the age of the Barracks and its historical value it is not totally accessible. There is a whole top floor that is up stairs. We did do this with our son and we were given a discount based on the fact that we couldn’t do the whole attraction. The lower level still houses much history so it is worth a visit if you have an interest in Sydney’s convict history.


AJ’s Tip

It’s spooky upstairs!  Everything creaks!



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