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Hyde Park

Visited November 2012

Hyde Park is a great city park that covers two blocks in the heart of Sydney. It is only one block up from the main shopping area of the Pitt Street Mall and is a good spot to take some lunch and escape the hustle and bustle. It is level and has good paths throughout so easy to use with a wheelchair.  There is nothing particularly remarkable about the park except that it is somewhere to relax and enjoy the city at a slower pace.

Hyde Park

There are disabled public toilet facilities which are coin operated (50 cents to open).  I haven’t been in to these facilities but imagine that they are basic but at least you know they are there if needed.

At the southern end of the park there is a War Memorial which we recently visited.

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Anzac Memorial, Hyde Park – Visited November 2012

I would suggest entering this part of Hyde Park via the Park and Elizabeth Street entrance because it is ramped and easy to get to.

Don’t let the staircase at the front of the Anzac Memorial put you off visiting.  It is easily accessed via a side door on the Elizabeth Street side of the building. As you enter the Anzac Memorial building from this side there is a lift to your left which takes you to the upper level and an Exhibition centre to your right which has displays about many of the wars Australia has been involved in over the years. The staff were very keen to engage the kids on the day we visited and were really friendly and helpful.

war memorial hyde park

I can’t remember ever going into the Anzac Memorial before and was particularly taken by the ceiling which is covered in 120,000 gold stars in remembrance of the 120,000 men and women from New South Wales who went to war. We enjoyed our visit and if you are in this area it is free to go in so you could take a minute to wander in and take a look.

AJ’s tip

Make sure you go upstairs and look at the stars on the ceiling.  They are beautiful.


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