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We have just returned home from Far North Queensland – Palm Cove to be precise.  Eleven days of relaxation and fun in the tropics.  It was the kind of holiday where we lost track of which day it was and one of us was regularly asking, “What day is it today?”  I always think that is the sign of a relaxing holiday.


The weather was warm; we are talking 27 degree days (80 F) and a water temp of 24 degrees (75 F).  It’s a great place to be in the middle of winter.  The whales are definitely on to something with heading to the warmer waters for winter. In fact, I was so happy being on holidays, I could be seen frolicking in the water off the coast in a similar fashion.  No photo of this will be produced as evidence – it is in all our best interests!

I am so excited to report that this area of Queensland has plenty of wheelchair accessible activities.  There must be more accessible boardwalks than anywhere else we have been in our travels so far.


We took advantage of this and explored rainforest, mangroves and beaches using the extensive walk ways.

Being so close to the Barrier Reef and with a gorgeous coastline, there is an emphasis on water activities.  The water is stunningly clear and unpolluted and it was an absolute joy to have days at the beach (I did locate two beach wheelchairs in the area – more on that soon).


The trip was not without access challenges and one of our most memorable days was one of the trickiest.  Definitely a day none of us would have missed but let’s just say large coral on the beach and wheelchairs don’t cooperate to make life easy.

On that same day AJ took to paddle boarding like a pro, Hubby snorkelled and BJ and I relaxed in the shallows waiting for them to return.  Actually, BJ was anxious for their return and kept a keen eye out for them.


Oh and for those that saw my post on facebook, I can report that BJ is still obsessed with the hat he bought on our trip to the Gold Coast.  He doesn’t like taking it off, even to go swimming.  He is sun smart to the max and fancying himself in it big time.


Along with the beautiful beaches, wildlife is in abundance in this neck of the woods and we had quite a few encounters which were unique.  Sadly I didn’t sight a Cassowary or a Lumholtz Tree Kangaroo in the wild despite “wildlife ahead” road signs alerting me to their existence in the region.   A highlight for me was seeing turtles swimming on the reef (video will follow).  Probably everyone in the glass bottom boat got the idea I was excited as I called out in a shrill voice “turtle, turtle!”

Although the rest of the family would happily bob in the water for hours, BJ likes a bit of action and loved the Skyrail trip to Kuranda, a helicopter flight over the reef and a ride in an Armed Personnel Carrier.


The variety of scenery and activities ensured we were not bored at any point during our stay.  Our only problem was fitting in everything AND finding time to relax.

We were extremely fortunate to have such a wonderful break.  Leaving was made a little easier by the fact we woke up to rain and cloud in the area today.

As much as it is wonderful to be away from the routine of home life, there are always positives to returning home.  BJ continued his nocturnal habits while we were away so was awake at all hours in the night and I am sure he will be happy to get back to his own bed.  He is much more routine orientated as he gets older which I find odd.   He is a family guy and no doubt misses the daily contact with his grandparents who live next door so maybe that is it.

Now I have the task of typing up my notes and the joy of reliving it all by sharing it with you.

Stay tuned!  I have so much to share and now is a great time to subscribe to the blog (scroll back to the top and on the right hand side you will find the subscriber box) to make sure you don’t miss our posts.  I will also be sharing some photos exclusively on instagram so head on over and follow along.

I wish I was off to enjoy a cocktail with the view below but tonight it will be a cup of tea with a Nanna blanket on my lap, by the warmth of the heater instead.  Home, sweet home.


Have you been to Far North Queensland or is it on your wish-list?


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