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Koala Hospital

Last visited January 2013

The Koala hospital in Port Macquarie is well worth the visit.  The hospital provides life saving care to sick and injured Koalas from near and far.  A free tour runs daily at 3pm and is provided by a volunteer.

Each Koala has a story, whether it has been a victim of a dog attack, bushfire or car accident.  Barry, the Koala was our favourite.  Barry is a permanent resident due to his scoliosis.  He needs to be fed a special formula each day which he seemed to lap up quite happily.  Something about him just captured our hearts.

The volunteers have a wealth of knowledge about the Koalas in their care and Koalas in general.  Their enthusiasm is infectious but it is also a very educational visit.  The aim is to release the Koalas that are able to be rehabilitated and survive in the wild.  The Koalas are nice and close for photos but because the hope is to rerelease them you cannot have any contact with the Koalas.  No patting here but it is for a good cause.

Koala hospital Port Macquarie

The grounds of the Koala hospital are accessible with disabled parking spaces in the car park and a path to the entrance.  The areas in between the enclosures are covered with wood chip which makes it a bit tougher going with pushing.  There are several Koalas you can see without leaving the path.

This facility is run by 170 volunteers and only two paid staff so although the tour is free I think any donation is a great way to ensure their great work can continue.

Disabled toilet facilities are available.

My tip:

There are often Koalas in the wild climbing the trees on the right side as you drive up the driveway.  Pull over and have a look up you might spot one high up in the trees.


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