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Lagooni Traveller – travel commode & shower chair

Like many people, at home we have equipment which is well suited to Braeden’s needs, but when we travel it’s harder to replicate that comfort in equipment that’s also portable. We were recently asked if we’d like to trial the Lagooni Traveller and given it’s portability we thought it was worth a look. I’ve mentioned many times that we travel with a homemade toilet chair that suits Braeden’s needs. It’s not pretty, but it is functional, fits in a suitcase and only weighs a little over 7kg. The Lagooni Traveller is commercially made so it is better looking and will suit a greater variety of users so we thought we’d share our thoughts on it. This isn’t a sponsored post, we were just keen to give it a go and share with our Have Wheelchair Will Travel community in case it might help you travel with greater ease.

Lagooni Traveller - portable shower & commode - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

Lagooni Traveller – travel commode & shower chair

Travelling with personal equipment which suits your needs can make the difference between a great trip and a disaster. Although hiring equipment at your destination is often a possibility, it can be risky – what if the equipment doesn’t suit your needs when you get there? Hiring equipment is also an added expense and can add up, particularly if you travel regularly. Investing in a portable shower/commode may be a better long-term solution.

Lagooni Traveller - travel commode & shower chair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

I love options when it comes to equipment (I love options in life in general but let’s stick to the review at this point) so I really like the fact that the Lagooni Traveller offers the option of wheelchair style wheels so the chair can be self-propelled by an independent user or it can be fitted with castor wheels if a person is being assisted in the shower.

Lagooni Traveller - travel commode & shower chair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

The castor wheels are fitted with a brake which can be applied when needed. If the chair is being used as a commode chair it can be used over a toilet or it can be purchased with a collapsible pan. Having a collapsible pan for those that need it adds to the portability of the chair for travel.

Lagooni Traveller - travel commode & shower chair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

The chair can be disassembled relatively easily for packing into the suitcase and weighs just over 20kg with both the castor wheels and the self-propel wheels. Removing the self-propelling wheels from the equation (if not needed) would reduce the weight of the bag further.

Lagooni Traveller - travel commode & shower chair - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

We tried the Lagooni with Braeden but the flat seat doesn’t work for him. His home commode chair is one of the old fashioned Goanna chairs which has a moulded and supportive seat. Although he sits well, his extra movement associated with his athetoid cerebral palsy means he needs something that kind of cradles him so he can relax. On a flat seat he’s working really hard to control all the athetoid movements. I’m constantly amazed at how the smallest difference in equipment can decide if it works for him or not. The Goanna chairs look pretty antiquated now, and are no longer available to buy, but I wish someone would bring them back. We searched high and low to find another one to have as a backup but they seem to be as extinct as dinosaurs.

Although the Lagooni wouldn’t work for Braeden, I think it would be a great choice for many travellers with a disability looking for a commode chair/shower chair for travel. The fact it packs into a suitcase makes it easy to travel with. Remember, the majority of airlines allow passengers with a disability to travel with the usual luggage allowance PLUS two pieces of mobility equipment. You need to let the airline know at the time of booking and have it noted on your booking.

If you’re keen to read more about the Lagooni, you can do so on the Avant Innovation’s website. 

Again, this is not a sponsored post. I’m hoping that by sharing this review, we might assist someone in travelling with greater ease.

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