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Bringing your travel plans to life is made even easier when you can find and choose the right support along the way. 

Wagga Wagga-based teenager Caitlin, who lives with Down syndrome, was able to enjoy a personal first recently when she travelled to Melbourne with her busy working mum Pieta and sister Georgia. Pieta, who works for Mable as a Community Engagement Manager, was travelling to the city for work and decided to take her daughters with her. Using the Mable online platform, Pieta was able to connect with a support worker in Melbourne to show her daughters the city’s sights while she attended meetings. This meant she was able to meet her work commitments while her daughters were enjoying a fun day in the city. 

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Smiles all round! Credit: Supplied

“At home, we have a small team of Mable independent workers who are building Caitlin’s skills and independence, helping her organise and live her life without me having to be involved at every turn,” explains Pieta. “When organising our trip, we decided to place a job ad on Mable, looking for someone in Melbourne, and the result exceeded our expectations!”

The family was able to search a national platform of support people, all covered by the same safeguards and insurance. Pieta and her family were able to specify that they wanted someone similar in age to the girls, the days and times required, and the support and needs involved. 

“We received responses from more than 15 people in just one day!” smiles Pieta.

Pieta, Caitlin and Georgia shortlisted five profiles and ultimately decided to contact Chloe, whose profile featured excellent client feedback. After exchanging a few messages and meeting via video call to confirm they were the right match, a formal agreement was put in place.

“I felt completely safe entrusting my girls to Chloe because everyone on the platform has gone through the required checks before being verified and have the right insurance. Plus I know exactly how much they are being paid for their work.”

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Pieta’s daughters set off on their trip thanks to Mable’s Support People. Credit: Supplied

Over their two-day stay, Chloe took the girls sightseeing, shopping, on tram rides and even to the aquarium. 

They were able to do all the things two confident teenage girls should be doing in Melbourne,” Pieta says. “Suddenly, Caitlin’s world is so much bigger than even I expected. It’s great that she’s able to live an independent life in her own community, but how much more exciting for her to be able to dream, plan and save for a trip to Melbourne to see a concert, to Sydney to see the New Year’s fireworks or to the Gold Coast for a beach holiday.”

By signing up and searching on, National Disability Insurance Scheme participants and other people with disabilities can find caring, independent support workers for everyday requirements and also to fulfil those exciting travel dreams!


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