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We had quite a bit of interest in the way Hubby made games wheelchair accessible for BJ’s party so I thought I’d do a how to blog post so you can make a ramp yourself. This would be great addition for  home, for respite houses, day programs, schools and more. It’s a way of making sure games are inclusive and accessible for everyone. Although BJ has recently learnt how to throw a large ball he can’t throw and aim at something like the pictured knock-em down game. It would just be frustrating for him. With Christmas not far away this could be combined with a game to make a gift that will have the whole family playing.

How to make games wheelchair accessible
AJ helping BJ use the ramp to access the game


Hubby purchased a length of plumbing pipe from the hardware store. For those of you in Australia, Masters were half the price of Bunnings on this item. When choosing the diameter of the pipe, keep in mind the size ball that will be used with the game.

How to make games wheelchair accessible
Plumbing pipe for ramp

Hubby cut the pipe in half and drilled a hole 11cm (4.5 inches) from the end.

How to make games wheelchair accessible
Plumbing pipe cut in half to make two ramps
How to make games wheelchair accessible
Hole for attaching to the tripod

We had an old camera tripod which he then screwed the plumbing pipe on to. The tripod is height adjustable so it can be adjusted to a person’s needs.

How to make games wheelchair accessible
Camera tripod

If you are wondering if this was fun then all you need to do is check the video.


The ten pin bowling set pictured below has had a real work out. It’s so popular on outing with family and friends and this would be a great use for the ramp.

How to make games wheelchair accessible
We’ve used a ramp with BJ’s ten pin bowling set

BJ has a bocce set but he can’t manage to throw the heavy bocce balls any distance. Combining the ramp with bocce makes it accessible.

How to make games wheelchair accessible.
Bocce is a great game for all ages

When we recently hired a knock-em down game I knew that BJ wouldn’t be able to throw a ball at the teeth to knock them down. With a ramp he could enjoy the fun even though it made it more of a sure win scenario.

knockemIt would work just as well on this knock-em down game if it was set up on the ground.

This is a simple piece of equipment to make. I’m sure you could make it look even better by painting the pipe. There are no doubt some clever clogs out there that have other ideas instead of a camera tripod. This was a quick fix for us because it was something we already had and we were keen for the ramp to be height adjustable.

We would love to hear any other ideas you have. We know you guys are inventive because you shared some awesome parents solutions in this blog here. If you make a ramp, please share photos and any modifications you make to Hubby’s design.





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