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Each year I scour the stores for chocolate alternatives because not everyone can eat chocolate or even likes it. As a chocoholic myself it’s hard to imagine, but having a son who loves to be a part of every celebration and doesn’t eat chocolate, I do understand. So I’ve been spending a bit of time in the shops of late checking out this year’s Easter offerings so I can share ideas for making Easter fun for people with special needs or those needing chocolate alternatives. Even if you’re just trying to cut down on the amount of chocolate eaten this year this may be a good list of ideas.



I found these cute Easter bubble bath packs at Cotton On Kids. Individual packets are $9.99 or you can buy two for $10. You can read more on the Cotton On Kids website here. 

A little bunny purse may be popular with some coins, notes or a gift card inside. BJ uses his wallet (a very manly one!) when he goes out with support workers and he loves money. I found this in Kmart.

These drink bottles have a few chocolate eggs inside but I like them because they are a useful gift and the drink bottle is the main attraction rather than being all about the chocolate. They are available in Star Wars, Barbie and other superhero designs. They are $7 at Big W.


Hatchimals seem to be taking over the world and may be a good gift for someone this Easter with so many egg-shaped options.

In Big W we found small token gifts right up to the mega of all Hatchimals at $88. That would have to be an impressive Hatchimal at that price!



Also in the toy aisle, we found Little Live Pets with a Surprise Chick being our pick for Easter. At Kmart these were selling for $18.


We found these light up wooden rabbits at Kmart for $7.

Big W has plastic strings of rabbit lights for $5.

LED colour change bunnies are only $2 at Kmart.

In the kid’s bedroom area at Kmart I found these soft and cuddly bunny blankets for $6. They are so cozy.


Paint your own rabbit plaster kits are only $5 at Kmart.

Target have similar ones.

I found this bunny backpack in Kmart.


Easter themed clothing and sleep wear is a ‘thing’ in most stores for kids and adults.

Kmart has a range of kids PJ’s from babies up to 14 years with varying prices.

I particularly like Cotton On Kids’ Miffy nightie which glows in the dark which is $29.99.

For teens or ladies, Target has some cute bunny PJ’s in the women’s department for $20.

Underwear and socks are also having a bunny makeover for Easter in Kmart and are an inexpensive option.


Cotton on Kids has boys and girls underwear in cute Bunny boxes.

The Seed children’s stores have a range of Easter gifts with Easter handbags, ear muffs, hatching chick eggs, shimmer powder, clothing and bubble bath.

A variety of themed slippers are available in stores with a reasonable price tag of $8 a pair in Kmart.

Peter Alexander has some fabulous women’s and children’s PJ’s but they are on the more expensive side with women’s PJ pants at $69.99. I think they are so cute but can’t come at that price tag and I suspect they’ll be sold out after Easter.

It seems there is no age restrictions on Easter-themed clothing with French Connection getting in on the act with a jumper and long sleeve top with a rabbit design.


Balloons always make me happy. They make every celebration a better one in my opinion.

A large Easter-themed helium balloon can be lots of fun for a child or person who cannot play with toys. Ours travelled along the West Coast of the US with us. Ridiculous, but fun!


I’m always a fan of adding a bit of therapy fun to any occasion that is motivating. I found a few Easter activities which may work well to motivate some fine motor skills.

Kmart has Easter crackers for $2. BJ loves crackers and over the years he’s mastered being able to crack them himself. Good for hand function as he grabs either end and pulls. The sound and the token gifts falling out are a great reward for his efforts.

I’m including these chocolates because they could be a good fine motor task with the challenge of being a chocolate excavation. These are also found in Kmart.

Kmart are selling these Easter Egg collecting claws which may help with reach and getting hands working.

A piñata requires good hand-eye co-ordination. BJ absolutely loves giving a piñata a bash with a bit of a helping hand. Kmart are selling these for $10 each.


If clothing, toys and the other items listed above are not appropriate why not think about a gift card or voucher. We’ve bought all of the following for gifts over the years and places like Gelatissimo and Gloria Jeans allow as little as $5 on a card.

Gloria Jeans


Baskin Robbins


Apple music


I’ve written several blog posts full of Easter ideas including how to make sure everyone is included here and another about alternatives to chocolate here.

If you’ve got any other suggestions please pop them in comments below.


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