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If you are looking for an accessible coastal walk then Manly to Shelly Beach is one to put on your list, or to revisit if you have been before.  Start at the lifeguard tower at the southern end of Manly Beach for the 20-30 minute walk to Shelly Beach. The weather was beautiful today when we were visiting Manly so we thought we would do the walk again.

Manly to Shelly Beach coastal walk.

We tend to stop along the walk to admire the view and the water dragons so it probably takes us a bit longer to walk than the fitness fanatics that really pace it out. The path is wide and hugs the coast so you have totally unobstructed views. We’ve done this walk many times but never tire of the gorgeous vista out to sea and back to Manly.

One of the Water Dragons sunning him or herself on the coastal walk between Manly and Shelly Beach.

The kids and I were particularly fascinated by the Water Dragons (lizards) sunning themselves on the rocks. We were close to them and they seemed fairly confident that the signs saying they were protected would keep them safe. We weren’t the only ones stopping to take photos and admire them.

There are only two parts of the walk where there is a bit of an incline which made me use my muscles a bit more. In an electric wheelchair it would be easy but I didn’t have any problem pushing BJ in his manual chair.


Halfway around the walk there is restaurant and a couple of stores selling drinks, snacks and gifts.  It would be a great place for breakfast with a view on a summer’s morning but only the outdoor tables are wheelchair accessible (there is a step up the inside of the restaurant).


Shelly Beach is a really pretty beach cove. It is a mainly a calm water beach which is popular with families and divers.


The restaurant, Le Kiosk, that was at Shelly Beach seems to be undergoing major renovations so there is currently only a small take-away kiosk for light snacks.

Toilet facilities large enough for a wheelchair are available at around the halfway mark on the walk, though they are not marked disabled facilities.

This walk is popular with families, bike riders and tourists so there is a very friendly vibe along the way making it a walk which I highly recommend.


Kids always love an interactive element to outings and keeping that in mind AJ has put together a bit of a treasure hunt for kids doing this walk.  She has taken photos of items along the walk for kids to find.  You can print out the bingo for your child to mark off the items as they find them.  You can decide if there is a reward involved or if just finding everything is reward and fun enough.

Manly to Shelly Beach Spoto
AJ’s printable Manly to Shelly Beach kid’s bingo

Printable version can be found here – Manly to Shelly Beach Bingo

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