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There’s a reason I’m particularly excited about our Permobil giveaway. Not only are we happy to have the opportunity to give away around $17,000 worth of equipment to our lovely readers but I’m happy to share the story of the company, Permobil.

Permobil is celebrating its 50th anniversary and they have good reason to celebrate. Their products have changed, and continue to change, the lives of so many people living with a disability. From the comfort and health benefits of the ROHO seating and support range, the independence offered by their range of Permobil power chairs and the customised TiLite manual chairs, their range offers solutions which make people’s lives better.

Permobil Giveaway
Per Udden founder of Permobil

Permobil’s vision hasn’t changed since Swedish founder, Per Udden’s vision started it all in the 1960’s. Per Uddén was a doctor, an entrepreneur, an inventor and a father of ten. He had a passion to find solutions to the problems he encountered in his work as a doctor. He found if his patients needed a basic wheelchair, it wasn’t assured they could drive it both outdoors and inside their home. Together with engineer Bert Engman, he formed a team with the perfect combination of innovative thinking, patient focus and skilled engineering which would make history in the rehabilitation industry.

In the beginning, the team had no skills in constructing electric vehicles. Undeterred, they used the help of telephone lessons in mechanics, electronics and much creativity which began the first chapter in the Permobil story. It’s easy to take it for granted now that power wheelchairs are part of many people’s everyday lives but there was a time when this wasn’t the case. Thank goodness for people who have a vision and the determination to see it through.

Permobil Giveaway
Permobil M5 Active Reach

Fast forward to 2017 and Permobil continues Per Udden’s legacy and is considered a leader in the disability sector for equipment solutions. Reading the testimonials of Permobil’s customers the words that stand out are “independence”, “comfort” and the custom chairs “fit my personality”. Each is important in its own way but they all improve quality of life and how people feel about themselves.

Permobil Giveaway
TiLite TR3 Agility Carbon and ROHO cushion

Here in Australia, Permobil Australia offers not only the Permobil owned products (Permobil power chairs, TiLite manual wheelchairs and ROhO positioning and seating products), but also third party products such as SmartDrive, Bodypoint and the FreeWheel.

Permobil Giveaway

So, we hope to make a difference in a small way ourselves by partnering with Permobil to give away 5 commode/shower chair systems. We are particularly excited to share the travel options as we know exactly how difficult it can be to find a suitable travel commode chair.


Now you’ve learnt more about Permobil, it’s time to share the full details of the giveaway we are running.

We have 5 commode shower systems to giveaway as follows

1. MC 3200 (value $1,595)

Permobil giveaway
MC3200 Stationary Commode/shower chair



2. MC6000TX (Value $5,595)

Slide system, the commode can be uses as stand-alone when the slide frame is not needed. Comes with travel bag




3. MC4000Tilit-P1 (value $3,860)


The MULTICHAIR 4000Tilt Pediatric chair has an exclusive “grow” feature, so it can stay with the same user from early youth all the way through to adulthood, by simply updating the seat cushion, backrest and a couple of brackets, saving thousands in replacement costs over the years.

4. MC4000Tilit-P2 (Value $3,860)

5. MC5000 (Value $2,260)

Permobil Giveaway
Slide system, the stationary commode/commode chair can be used without the slide frame when not required.




You can learn more about the above chairs on the Nuprodx website here



Permobil Giveaway


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