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Last weekend we were searching for an activity to do in the vicinity of the airport.  It needed to be indoors due to the rain, appeal to the whole family and be accessible.  A tall order but Hubby found the perfect place.

We headed south of the airport to the suburb of Miranda to an indoor miniature golf course.  We all enjoy mini golf so we hoped it would live up to the photos on the Putt Planet website and be accessible as they claimed.


When we arrived we were impressed to see a ramp to the front door, and an accessible entrance into the actual golf course inside.  Once inside we were thrilled with the unique theme and the eclectic travel related decorations and props.


The theme of the mini golf course is a trip to Mombasa.  A plane at the entrance is symbolic of transporting you on a journey.   The Putt Planet website says, “Discover another time and place when you board your Putt Planet flight from Miranda to Mombasa. Putt through the bustling market places, homes and even the sewers of Old Mombasa whilst exploring this ancient doorway to Eastern Africa. We’ve put a roof over the charming streets and laneways so any time is a good time to visit; the weather is always fine!”

The owners have done a wonderful job of putting together a course that is fun, challenging in places and definitely transports you to another continent.


The course has doorways wide enough for BJ’s wheelchair, no stairs or borders which made getting around a breeze.  We found some of the rooms a little tight  for BJ to putt from his wheelchair but we managed to get around it.  On a  whole it is the most accessible course we have come across and we have tried many.


It is just so wonderful to find an accessible activity which we all enjoy.  We had a great couple of hours playing golf together. Hubby and BJ playing as a team won the day but it was a hotly contended game.


BJ loved the course and the quirky elements like putting into this noisy enamel tub.


The theme of travelling to Kenya is consistent throughout the venue including the Jungle Joker’s Cafe where animal print cushions adorn the couches, an Africa map blackboard shares the specials of the day and items supporting a Kenyan charity are for sale.


 MY Tips

Although there is no designated disabled parking there are two parking spaces on the side of the building which are easier for transferring to and from a wheelchair.

There is a disabled restroom which is spacious and also contains a baby change station.

Get there early if possible particularly if it is a wet day.We arrived at opening time on a very wet day.  It was quiet when we started but it steadily grew busier as the morning rolled on.

Companion card is accepted.

Keep in mind that although wheelchair accessible there are a couple of tight places from a putting point of view.

The pear and raspberry bread in the cafe is delicious.

If you would like more information about Putt Planet head to their website. 

Our kids are certainly keen to go back asap.

This is not a sponsored post. We paid for our entry to the Putt Planet.

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