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Qantas Carer Concession Card

This has been updated in January 2024

We’ve just booked our trip to the Northern Territory (EXCITING!)  and for the first time we used the Qantas Carer Concession Card. The card is available to travellers with a disability where the person has high level support needs and a carer is necessary to assist on a flight. It is only available on domestic travel using Qantas. It has been a big saving on this trip for us.

Qantas Carer Concession Card
Qantas carer concession card.

Qantas Carer Concession Card

Travel is expensive so anything that assists with the cost of that is welcome. Qantas domestic is the only full service airline in Australia and in the past we’ve found they offer excellent assistance for our family. We also find the Qantas terminal at Sydney Airport is the quietest and calmest of all the terminals so if this makes a difference to your travel experience you may wish to consider Qantas for your domestic trip. It does pay to compare airfares though as Qantas is often more expensive.

The Qantas Concession Card does need to be applied for through the organisation People with a Disability and there is a cost attached to this. The application for the card can be obtained from People with a Disability Australia (PWDA). You can read more about the card here.

Qantas carer concession card
Qantas carer concession card

Braeden’s card


You may be eligible for a card if you require a carer to travel.

The Qantas website says –

In certain circumstances, Qantas requires an escort or carer to accompany customers who are unable to care for themselves during a flight. An escort or carer may be needed if:

  • the passenger is unable to self-toilet,
  • the passenger needs or wants to eat and drink during the course of the flight but is unable to do so without assistance,
  • the passenger will require medication during the flight but is unable to administer it themselves, or
  • the number of passengers in a group travelling with an escort or carer exceeds Qantas Group cabin crew limits.

The escort or carer must be self-reliant, and mentally and physically able to assist the passenger with the following if required:

  • toilet and sanitary requirements both on the aircraft and on the ground,
  • inflight and ground emergencies,
  • carriage of carry-on baggage and/or equipment,
  • medicating and medical procedures,
  • food and beverage consumption,
  • immigration and customs procedures, and
  • boarding and disembarkation.

Read more on the Qantas website here.


As of February 2016 the discounts are as follows:

For the person needing assistance – 10% discount on Domestic Red e-Deal and Flex Economy Class fares

For Nominated Carers:

50% discount on Domestic Red e-Deal and Flex Economy Class fares

Business Class Travel For Qantas Carer Concession Cardholders:

50% off Full Cost Domestic Business Class Fares (subject to availability)

For Nominated Carers:

50% off Full Cost Domestic Business Class Fares (subject to availability)

Please note these discounts only apply to Qantas domestic travel and on Qantas operated flights (not available on Jetstar).

Before making an application check the PWDA website for full conditions.


A doctor needs to complete the application for the Qantas Carer Concession card.

A photo needs to accompany the application.

Allow time to apply for the card from PWDA. It takes an average of 10-14 days to process your application.

You cannot book your flights until you receive your concession card.

Keep in mind this is valid on the Qantas Red e-deal fare only. Sometimes you will find it is cheaper to book a special rather than use the concession card. This is why we’ve not used the card in the past because by the time we paid for the card (currently in 2024 is $49.50 (this hasn’t changed since Feb 2016) and used the red e-deal it wasn’t cheaper. Do your research.

When you phone the airline have your wheelchair dimensions available to include in the booking.

Advise the airline of any seating requests and special meal requests at the same time.

You can read more about our experienes flying here.

We have many additional costs when we travel with Braeden so this concession is welcome and we’ve always found Qantas crews great with Braeden.

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  1. Be warned: If flying business class, do not expect 50% off the fare that appears on the booking page. The discount is based on a much higher mysterious “Full fare” price which numerous requests to QANTAS could not be explained how/where it appears.


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