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Last week Hubby was in Queensland for business and on his morning walk he spied a gem of a park. Queens Park and Botanic Garden in East Toowoomba looks like a wonderful place to explore with beautiful gardens, paths and an all abilities playground. We’ve seen and reviewed many accessible play spaces but Queens Park has some unique features I love.

Queens Park Toowoomba - all abilities

I’ve never seen anything as fancy as Neos (pictured above) in a playground.  Neos is described as part electronic game, part competitive sport and fun for all ages. You can play with 1 or 2 players and choose the level of difficulty. There are nine suggestions of games that can be played including watch and repeat patterns and competitive games like, press your lights before your opponent hits their lights.

This game would certainly be good for co-ordination and tracking.

Queens Park Toowoomba - All Abilities

The picture above is a solar-powered piano. Hubby didn’t get to play it because it only operates from 7am and his walk had him out before then. I must admit, he sounded disappointed! This is at a great height for wheelchair users and encourages play with others. Although a combination of musical styles may not be pleasing to the ear if too many get playing at the same time!

Queens Park Toowoomba - All Abilities

A lady beetle xylophone at wheelchair and walking frame height.

Queens Park Toowoomba - all abilitiesFancy an arm wrestle? Also positioned at a great height for wheelchair users.

park5This is more interesting than the usual basketball hoop. Several tubes increase the anticipation around the ball’s return.

Queens Park Toowoomba - all abilitiesI absolutely love this . Hubby says that this is another good one for co-ordination and anticipation as players hit the buttons to light them up.

Queens Park Toowoomba - all abilities

It was such a joy the first time BJ could go on a swing independently in his wheelchair. The Liberty swing requires a MLAK key which you can purchase from Master locksmiths. It’s a worthwhile investment as many disabled bathrooms are also MLAK key locked. We keep ours on the back of BJ’s wheelchair so it’s always handy.

Queens Park Toowoomba - all abilities
BJ enjoying the Liberty Swing

park2This see-saw encourages inclusion and allows a parent to sit beside a child who is unsure or unstable. The bucket seats provide more support than most see-saws.

Queens Park Toowoomba - all abilitiesThis sand play feature is at a good height for wheelchair users but unfortunately is on sand which is always tricky. I’m not sure that was well thought out.

Queens Park Toowoomba - all abilitiesThe park is extensive but I’ve highlighted the features which I feel are unusual and particularly inclusive and accessible.

Queens Park Toowoomba - all abillities

The park has large stand-alone disabled bathrooms, nearby disabled parking and lovely concrete paths for easy access.

The all abilities playground is located near the car parking area off Lindsay Street. Barbecue facilities and picnic tables are also available.

Queens Park and Botanic Gardens look to have plenty to keep the whole family entertained for a day. You can read more here.

If you’re not in the Toowoomba area, take a look at my list of accessible playgrounds around the world here. And, if you have one to add please do so in comments below.


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