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Review of 2022

I started the year so hopeful that our pre-Covid lifestyle would resume, but Covid hung around and after dodging it for a couple of years it finally caught up with us. As is the case most years, we had some highs and lows throughout 2022. I have to admit to this being one of the hardest years we’ve ever experienced. Thanks to family, friends and Braeden’s awesome team of therapists, we’ve never felt more supported.

Stingrays at Bendalong Boat Harbour Beach - accessible beach experiences - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

In January we headed to NSW’s South Coast for a holiday and enjoyed kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and lovely long summer days. We revisited the Stingrays at Bendalong with Braeden’s beach wheelchair so he could be more involved in the experience this time. You can read about this wonderful wildlife encounter in our story about our visit.

Covid what you need to know when you are travelling - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

As I mentioned at the start of this blog, Covid caught up with us at various times this year. I travelled to the US in June and managed to catch it there which was frustrating but I knew it was a risk when I booked my first international trip in over 3 years. Hubby and Amelia caught Covid in August. Thankfully Braeden was safe at respite but his short weekend stay turned into a 10 night stay. It was a learning curve for us all and I wrote about it in this blog. 

Disney Coronado Springs Resort accessible accommodation - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

In 2022 I reviewed lots of fabulous accessible accommodation including at Walt Disney World, Universal Studio Florida, Gold Coast Queensland, Parramatta in Sydney and a fabulous hotel in Arizona to name a few. I have a few reviews that I haven’t managed to finish so stay tuned in 2023 for possibly the best property I’ve ever seen. Plus, it has an awesome story that goes with its creation.

Braeden with Travel Without Limits Issue 8 2022

In September we published the spring/summer issue of Travel Without Limits magazine. I’m so proud of each issue as we share travel tips and stories for people with mobility restrictions, for those with a hidden disability, vision impairment or intellectual disability. I love knowing that each issue is inspiring people to travel more. You can take a sneak peek at the current issue here. 

Carer guilt - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

I wrote about my carer’s guilt in a heartfelt blog which resonated with so many in our HWWT community. In one way it’s good to know I’m not alone, but on the other hand, I don’t want to think about how much that collective guilt adds up to. Catch up here if you missed it.

Vulnerability, caring, accidents and illness - Have Wheelchair Will Travel

I managed to tear the ligament in my right hand so I’ve been strapped up in a splint since late October. There’s been significant improvement but the predicted six week recovery is dragging out beyond that because it’s hard to just rest a hand. Especially when I need to type everything. As I said in my initial story, I will never take my thumb for granted again. You can read about how I managed this silly injury here.

We had a disappointing outcome with Braeden’s NDIS funding review so just before Christmas we put in a request to have the outcome reviewed. We added 17 supporting documents so we are crossing our fingers, toes and everything in between for a better outcome in 2023. If you missed our recap of the NDIS review outcome you can catch up here. 

International Day of People with Disability ambassadors 2022

Braeden and I were honoured to be named joint International Day of People with Disability ambassadors along with a group of amazing disability advocates. It gave me the opportunity to do a range of interviews about the highlights and challenges of travelling with a disability. As always, the subject of the lack of accessible bathrooms on aircraft was highlighted because what would a chat with me be without toilet talk right? You can read about the fun and inclusive day we had filming our video for International Day of People with Disability here.

We also shared some information about how you can hep us if you like what we do and it won’t cost you anything. We listed them in this blog.

My take away from 2022 is to continue living by the three ‘p’s – persistence, positivity and patience. I’ve had to use all three of these in abundance this year and something tells me that 2023 will need more of it.

I’d like to thank you for reading, contributing and supporting Have Wheelchair Will Travel. This awesome community continues to help me learn more about various disabilities and inspires me to keep advocating, no matter the barriers. May 2023 bring you good health, happiness and joy. I look forward to sharing more of our adventures, equipment finds and news throughout the coming year.


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