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Russell Falls


Russell Falls was one of my favourite places in Tasmania. One thing that we really miss from our days before BJ had a wheelchair is having the freedom to do rainforest and bush walks. Many of the most beautiful walks have stairs or inclines that make them impossible with a wheelchair. Often we are looking out at a view from a platform and feeling a little removed from nature.

We were delighted to find that at Russell Falls there was a wheelchair accessible walk that had us right in the heart of it all. We could feel the water spray from the imposing and stunning falls that was flowing at a thunderous rate. We spied Pademelons on the walk and the trees were close enough to touch and admire.

The gift that has come from having a wheelchair as part of our family is that when we find a walk that is accessible we have a great appreciation for everything we see. We marvelled over the moss on the trees, I walked with a spring in my step because I’m was so excited.  We spent a long time stopping at all these things to take it in.

The National Parks Centre has a standalone disabled toilet.

Disabled parking is at the door.

Russell Falls walk is 30 minutes round trip but we took a lot longer just enjoying the environment. We were fascinated by the moss, tree ferns and wildlife we spied on our walk. Seeing two Pademelons was a highlight.


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