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A hot shower, a comfortable bed and room service are often pleasures I associate with a reward at the end of a flight. But, these were luxuries which helped start our recent holiday to Cairns. We had a busy time in the lead up to our departure and with a 6am flight it was a relief to stay close to the airport at Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel. It was a great chance to review the wheelchair accessible accommodation and get a good night’s sleep before take-off.

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel review

If you’re not a plane spotter you may think an airport hotel seems like an uninspiring location but there’s nothing bland about staying somewhere which makes travelling easier at either end of your stay.


Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel has a total of 12 Superior Queen Accessible rooms. The wheelchair accessible accommodation is modern, fresh and spacious, making wheelchair circulation in the room easy. Even if you are travelling with lots of luggage, you won’t be falling over it.

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Accessible room at Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel

The room can be made up as a twin-bedded room or as a queen bedded room. Be warned, the beds are plush and I found it difficult to emerge when the alarm went off. You best set a second alarm, just in case you are enticed to snooze just a little longer in the super comfy bed.

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Accessible accommodation Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel


Not all accessible hotel bathrooms are created equal and this one is a joy. Plenty of space to move around, a large roll-in shower with a flip-down shower bench, height adjustable shower, grab rail and lever taps.

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Accessible bathroom Rydges Sydney Airport

Extensive grab rails surround the toilet, there’s a wheelchair accessible sink with lever tap and all amenities are at a lowered height.

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Accessible bathroom Rydges Sydney Airport
Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Accessible bathroom Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel

The room includes a desk and lounge but the clever choices in furniture ensure the room doesn’t feel cluttered.

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Accessible room Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel

The coffee and tea making facilities are contained in a drawer which is at a good height for wheelchair users.


We know our readers have varied needs and therefore I wanted to also show you one of the suites which isn’t accessible, but ideal for plane lovers who don’t need an accessible bathroom. The suite has unbelievable views of the airport but the rooms are so well sound-proofed you can enjoy the airport action with none of the aircraft noise.

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
A suite with a view of the tarmac action

The suite is spacious with good circulation space.

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Suite accommodation at Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Bathroom in suite

Although the shower is step-free the bathroom is tight on space. I’m standing in the shower to take the above photo.

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Bathroom of suite – the toilet is reflected on the shower screen.
Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
View from the roof


Rydges is opposite Sydney International Terminal. A short wheel, or stroll, across the road and you’re there. This is fantastic for passengers arriving on a late flight wanting to overnight before heading off somewhere else in Australia.

Amelia and I caught the train to the airport and walked to Rydges from the station which is also opposite.

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Transfer bus from Sydney Domestic Airport to Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel – wheelchair accessible

For guests arriving from the domestic terminal there’s a wheelchair accessible shuttle which delivers guests to a bus stop opposite Rydges. The bus has a ramp which flips out to accommodate wheelchairs and there’s wheelchair accessible reserved spaces on the bus. A free voucher is available to guests of Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel for this service.

The hotel offers free shuttle transfers to the domestic and international airport as follows –

Between 5am and 6am – Rydges Hotel Shuttle bus, departing every half hour

Between 6am and 9pm – Sydney Airport TBus, departing every 15 minutes

Between 9pm and 10:45pm – Rydges Hotel Shuttle bus, departing every half hour

Please note the hotel shuttle bus is not wheelchair accessible but the Sydney Airport TBus is accessible.

You can read more about these services and pick up points here.


Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Blackwattle Grill

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel caters well to their guest’s varying needs. Understanding the location means many travelers have early or late flights the restaurant’s open accordingly.

Rydges Sydney Airport Mascot
Breakfast buffet at Rydges Sydney Airport Mascot

We arrived at the Blackwattle Grill for breakfast at 4.20am and there was a full buffet breakfast available to guests. Not surprisingly, we were the only two people in the restaurant at that time of the morning. We were grateful to be able to have breakfast before our flight as our budget airfare didn’t include any food for the 3.5 hour flight.

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Live music in the Touchdown Bar

In the evening the Touchdown Bar was bopping with live music and a casual menu including pasta, burgers and fish.

Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel
Kids activity nook

Travelling with kids has many challenges and keeping them entertained without their home comforts can be tricky. Parents will welcome the entertainment this simple children’s activity area will provide with a selection of books and TV shows on offer to young guests.

Rydges Sydney Airport Mascot
If you forget something Rydges have you covered

Rydges has a small range of products available to purchase in the lobby, including pharmacy needs, chocolate craving satisfiers and a variety of magazines.

Rydges Sydney Airport Mascot
Airline safety cards throughout the eras

If you love nostalgia, make sure you check out the vintage display of flight safety briefing cards from throughout different aviation eras.

Rydges Sydney Airport Mascot
Vintage airline safety cards

You can certainly see how passengers choice of attire has changed over the years.

We’ve stayed at airport hotels overseas before but this was our first time doing so in Sydney. We really enjoyed the ease it offered us. If I’d been at home I’d have still been tidying up, packing and organising until the last minute. It was an ideal way to start our holiday.

You can read more about Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel on its website.

We were hosted by Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel for the purposes of reviewing the accessibility of the hotel. As always, our opinions are our own.




  1. I use the accessible rooms when travelling between overseas and home when flights don’t match up. Suits my needs perfectly

  2. I rang the hotel to ask them about booking an accessible queen room with twin beds and was told that I couldn’t, but could request a rollaway bed. I went with the rollaway option, but am now concerned that it will take up too much room. I guess that the worst case scenario would be that I can get the rollaway removed and end up sharing the queen bed with my sister.

    • Hi Chelsee,

      The room we stayed in had plenty of room to still get around even if it had a rollaway in there. The rooms do vary slightly but you can always ask the hotel staff to remove it if it is too crowded.

      I hope you enjoy your stay.


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