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What a night Braeden had last night.  He headed off to his day program’s annual Christmas party.  It is the first time that one of us has not gone with him.  Braeden went with a friend he has known since he was about two years old.  The ‘boys’ had two buddies (carers) take them.  He thought he was all that, heading out on his own with the gals and his pal.  I can’t believe how comfortable I am with it all but the girls know him well and it is a great experience for him.  A regular teen for a night.  We decided to have a bit of fun with it and Hubby made a sleigh to fit around Braeden’s chair.  We thought we’d share how to make a wheelchair sleigh for anyone else looking for some party fun.

Braeden may be non-verbal but he loves interaction with others and does his best to engage people wherever he goes.  The sleigh or the batmobile Hubby made for Halloween (you can see it here) provide people with something new to talk about with Braeden.  Apparently it was very popular last night.

Wheelchair sleigh modification for BJ.


Hubby brought home a regular box and cut it so it was flat.

We started off with a plain cardboard box.

He Googled Santa’s sleighs and chose a picture to copy.  Hubby did an outline on the cardboard and cut it out.  All under the watchful supervision of Amelia.

Drawing out the sleigh.

Once the sleigh was cut out he spray painted it red.  The paint dried quickly and he highlighted the edges of the sleigh in gold spray paint.

Spray painting the sleigh.

Hubby cut out gold cardboard to cover up the bat wheel guards and the makeover was complete.

Heading out to the party last night Braeden had his iPad with him so the girls could capture all the action for him to show us at home.

This Santa’s sleigh comes complete with technology.

Braeden tried new food and looked to have an absolute ball.  He couldn’t wait to get to the iPad to show us the photos of the night.

Braeden enjoying the night out with one of his buddies.

The quality of the photo above isn’t the best because it was a dark room.  I think it just shows how thrilled he was by the night out.  I fell asleep before he rocked on home (after 11pm) and he woke me up as he woohooed as he came in the door.

Thanks to the two gorgeous girls who accompanied the boys on what they playfully termed “a double date.”  Due to the lovely personalities of the girls it was so much more than carers looking after the guys for the night.  Letting go is always hard but in the right hands it can be wonderful for everyone involved.

BJ happy with his Christmas sleigh.

We’d love to see your Christmas photos so please share in comments below or head back to Facebook and pop them over there.



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