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We had the best time last weekend taking on mud, big hills and the Aussie bush at Scenic Dune Buggies in Hill End. This was our second visit and our return came about because BJ was given the experience as a gift back in August for his 21st birthday. Hill End is about 4 hours drive from Sydney so we needed to tie it in with something else. For AJ’s birthday, we decided to take her away and do a farm stay to indulge her love of animals and the farm wasn’t too far from the buggies. You can read about that here.

Scenic Dune Buggies
BJ happy to be off an running for the buggy adventure

Although the buggy ride was aimed at giving BJ a fantastic birthday gift, it was a wonderful day for all of us. The way the buggies tackle hills, mud, water crossings and the bush is amazing. I’m such a girly girl but these buggies have me hooked. It’s so much fun and knowing what the buggies were capable of after my last experience, I wasn’t holding back. Mark the owner said, “You were a bit timid last time.”

Scenic Dune Buggies
Happy as pigs in mud

The harness seatbelts in the buggies keep riders secure and should mean that someone with poor torso control should be able to manage to sit comfortably in the buggy. Do keep in mind it is a rough ride but occupants are well secured. There is no windshield which proved a hazard for the ever-smiling BJ. When we stopped for a drink midway on the tour he smiled at me and his teeth were brown. He’d literally eaten our dust! Not that it seemed to bother him one bit.

Scenic Dune Buggies
Stunning scenery greeted us at every turn on the tour


Scenic Dune Buggies
Spectacular views on the buggy tour

Although driving the buggies is fun, it’s just as much about the scenery as the driving experience. We had a mob of kangaroos hopping nearby, native birds flying overhead and mountain views that seemed to stretch forever. AJ kept telling me, “Watch the road Mum” as I was veering off the track while admiring the scenery all around.


AJ got a taste of life behind the wheel and she definitely liked it.

Scenic Dune Buggies
AJ behind the wheel


Scenic Dune Buggies
Getting behind the wheel was a highlight for BJ

As much as I loved the scenery and enjoyed driving the buggy myself, the highlight was seeing BJ taking control behind the wheel. At the end of the tour, in a wide-open paddock, Mark the owner, allowed BJ to have a go. A memorable moment for us all.

Scenic Dune Buggies at Hill End is for sale so I’m not sure if we’ll get back there again before Mark and Cheryl move but we hope to.


If you do a buggy experience, wear a wet weather jacket. I ignored Hubby’s warning and ended up quite muddy. Old shoes are a good idea because water does splash up from under the buggy.

If you are interested in finding out more about the tours, check the Scenic Dune Buggies website here.

What do you think, would you give it a go?


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