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BJ was enjoying himself with his friends at respite last weekend so it was just the three of us.  AJ was keen to check out Sculptures by the Sea.  Sculptures by the Sea is an outdoor sculpture exhibition dotted along the coast from Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach, all the way around to Tamarama Beach.  The background of the ocean, sandstone cliff faces and beaches provides a backdrop more captivating than any art gallery.


In the past we have taken BJ to the areas which are accessible.  Hubby’s determination and tenacity means we have tackled even bits of the trail which are not considered wheelchair accessible.  It is busy and to be honest BJ is more interested in high fiving the people going by rather than the views or the sculptures.  So we decided to do the full walk last weekend while he was otherwise occupied.

I normally only share fully accessible outings but this event is huge in Sydney and I thought some of our readers may like to take the walk with me virtually.


Like most forms of art, sculptures evoked a mixture of feelings.  Some were appealing to the eye, others made us laugh and some made us think.


The red sculpture above was a tricky one.  When we positioned ourselves in the right position, the random red pieces (left) made a square.  Despite getting down in the sand, in a most undignified manner, my photo still didn’t make a perfect square but you get the idea.


As always there were controversial sculptures that had us wondering, “WHY?”  A wave of Barbie dolls was certainly a good talking point.  I wonder if Ken made up this one.


The ocean and the rugged coastline makes a fabulous backdrop for the exhibition.


AJ is always drawn to colourful pieces and loved this little igloo.



This guy reminds me of Hubby when I declare, “I’ve had an idea!”



A bit of colour with Bondi Beach in the background.


AJ and I particularly liked this one. I think it looks like someone is pulling the plug on the beach.



Giant water spray bottles on Tamarama Beach proved popular with the kids.


Despite my photos looking like we were the only people on the walk, it is far from the truth.  As you can see from the photo on the right, the walk is like peak hour (rush hour) on a week day on one of Sydney’s roads.  The walk is literally heaving with people.

I would love to see a similar walk in a fully wheelchair accessible location.

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