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Yesterday we visited The Shine Shed, a unique all abilities indoor play centre. People have been tagging me in posts about this play centre since it opened in October last year. I was keen to get there but it’s about an hour from where we live so it took me a while to make the trip. Now we’ve been I can say it’s worth a visit for families with and without additional needs.

Shine Shed All Abilities Play Centre

There are telling touches throughout The Shine Shed that let those visiting know the centre has been designed by someone who truly understands the needs of children, parents and adults with a disability. Shine Shed All Abilities Play Centre

Owner Lisa is a speech pathologist, so not only is there thoughtful placement of augmentative communication but the equipment and facilities reflect her knowledge of what it takes to make an indoor play centre fun, educational and functional for all.

The Shine Shed All Abilities Play CentreA purpose built wheelchair accessible swing is placed in amongst a range of other swinging equipment.

The Shine Shed All Abilities Play CentreRamp access ensures children or adults needing, or preferring, to stay in their wheelchair can do so without missing out on the swinging fun.

The Shine Shed All Abilities Indoor Play CentreWe were told Hubby isn’t the only adult to take the opportunity to take a lie down while visiting The Shine Shed. What happens at The Shine Shed stays at The Shine Shed but there’s a rumour one parent may have even nodded off while their children were playing! That tells me it’s a place where parents can feel at complete ease.

The Shine Shed All Abilities Indoor Play Centre

A large foam pit is located upstairs but it was lovely to hear from Jean, a staff member, how a foam pit was adapted for one visitor. The child was unable to go upstairs so one of the round inflatable trampolines was turned upside down and filled with foam for the little boy to sit in. This gave him his own manageable version of the big foam pit which his siblings enjoyed sharing with him.

The Shine Shed All Abilities

BJ was in observer mode yesterday so he didn’t give the flying fox a go but the adaptive seat can take a person weighing up to 56kg. It’s fantastic to see that the flying fox is adaptable with seating options. It can be used with the usual disc seat or staff can make a quick change to the more supportive harnessed seat pictured above.

The Shine Shed All Abilities Indoor Play Centre

A long trampoline ensures kids can bounce off any excess energy.

The Shine Shed All Abilities Indoor Play Centre

Whenever I see picture communication in a fun setting I think back to how wonderful it would have been to have to use with BJ when he was little. We always needed to ‘stage’ the use of it when we went out. How refreshing to see it being used in a day-to-day setting.


A room with lowered lights is set aside away from the hustle and bustle for children who may need a low sensory visit. It’s also a great spot to take some time out from the main gym area.

The Shine Shed All Abilities Indoor Play Centre

An activity board is jam packed with fun activities including ball games, mounted fidget spinners and more. Even as adults we found it irresistible and found ourselves having a play.

The Shine Shed All Abilities Indoor Play Centre

Swing seats are also installed in the sensory room.

The Shine Shed All Abilities Indoor Play Centre


As a parent I know I look for a cafe which can give me the tea boost I need to keep up with our routine so it’s good to see the cafe at The Shine Shed serves drinks and there’s even ice creams for those hot days. If you need more than a drink during your visit, you are welcome to pack your own food to enjoy at the tables and chairs in the cafe area.

The Shine Shed All Abilities Indoor Play Centre

The Shine Shed has two bathrooms available, one of which is accessible.

The Shine Shed All Abilities Indoor Play Centre

In another spacious room there is an adult-size change table with hoist and sling. The hoist can be used for the gym equipment if needed.

The Shine Shed All Abilities Indoor Play CentreAccessible parking is available on site. One space is allocated and there’s plenty of other off-street parking.

The indoor play centre is securely fenced which is comforting for parents of younger children and those with a tendency to do a runner.

The Shine Shed can be booked for private events, groups, adults and children’s parties. I hope Lisa and her team get the support they deserve for building such an inclusive and thoughtful place for people of all abilities. When we left, Hubby commented he wondered if Jean (the staff member on duty) did support work as he thought she was so natural and good with her interactions. Another thing Lisa has done right, hired and trained her staff well.

Everything you need to know about The Shine Shed can be found on their website.  

If you’ve already played at The Shine Shed we’d love to hear about it, and if you visit in the future, please share your experience and photos.

We did not pay for entry into The Shine Shed, we were visiting purely for the purposes of reviewing the centre. As always, our glowing review comes from being truly impressed.

The Shine Shed All Abilities Indoor Play Centre




  1. I would love to win free tickets to take my neighbours Tahani and her eldest son who is autistic and otherwise disabled too, with his two smaller brothers to this wonderful place. As they don’t get to do much as a group outing and this sounds perfect for them we have been neighbours for nearly 19 years


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